George Fox and his collectables

George Fox and his collectables are shown in his home office in Killeen.

If you want to get to know George Fox, let him give you a tour of his home office.

It’s not a large room, but it’s got bits of every passion in his life. The man is a collector.

First, there’s the pens numbering in the thousands that line his walls. Next, the Pez dispensers. After that, calculators, eight-track players, Sherlock Holmes memorabilia, pencil sharpeners and more.

Fox spends his “allowance” — the money his wife lets him spend — on acquiring these items. And speaking to him when he is surrounded by them, you have to be willing to take a meandering path to where you end up.

“No matter where you look, there’s something that will get my attention,” he said.

A conversation about one of his passions quickly moves in another direction when he spots his latest find, a French-made but Japanese retail pen he recently acquired from a person in Korea.

Fox is known widely around the community as an advocate for animals. He is the president of Assissi Animal Refuge and said he thinks he has helped spay or neuter at least 70 feral cats.

He is a member of the Killeen Animal Advisory Committee, the volunteer group that advises the Killeen City Council on animal-related issues. He has worked with Gatesville and Copperas Cove on crafting ordinances.

Fox said he first got involved with animal advocacy when he came across Moose, his beloved Great Dane who died at the age of 12. Moose and another dog had been left chained to a tree.

When the two dogs were discovered, their chains had become tangled. One of the dogs suffocated and Moose needed to have his leg amputated.

Fox, an Oklahoma native who has been in Killeen since 1985, became heavily involved with animals after adopting Moose. He founded Assissi Animal Refuge in 2005, and continues to routinely rescue and foster cats.

He has eight at this time: Fred, Missy, Little Bit, Coco, Pickles, Kiki, Gracie and Callie.

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