LAMPASAS — From zoning lines to property lines and utility systems, a new online mapping system on the city’s revamped website allows users the opportunity to research information in a convenient format.

GIS, or geographic information systems, is a computer application that allows the user to apply overlapping layers of data and information onto a single geographic map in order to demonstrate a relationship between that region and the data provided.

The management tool is free to use and is considered especially helpful for contractors, Realtors and service providers.

“The site is the least valuable the first day you use it,” City Manager Finley deGraffenried said. “Once you get on, you can pull up different layers from zoning to land use; it’s a great tool for the public, and we’ll probably add some additional layers and features over time.”

System capabilities

The city has conducted training workshops for those interested in learning more about the GIS tool, and Councilman Robert McCauley said he was very impressed with the capabilities of the system.

“It has so many advantages for so many people, especially Realtors; the citizens can look at it to see the utility systems, zoning lines, etc., or people may want to know if they can build something and see how it’s zoned in that area,” McCauley said.

One example used in McCauley’s training session looked at an overview of the city’s sewer system. For instance, if someone breaks a sewer line in the process of digging, and they didn’t know the sewer line previously existed in that area, the information can now be included as an additional overlay onto the map, which ultimately increases the system’s effectiveness.

“It gives you multiple uses, and it’s not hard to use at all,” McCauley said.

“You just have to remember these are layers of the map you’re looking at. The key thing is to constantly upgrade and tell the system what you’re doing and running into — city staffers will have to update the system constantly in order to have an accurate system.”

To use the new GIS mapping system, go to and scroll down the left side under the “Connect With Us” tab and click on the link titled “Interactive Mapping.”

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