COPPERAS COVE — Wholesome family fun and fellowship was the objective Saturday at the Grace United Methodist Church Fall Festival, which rallied supporters from all over Central Texas.

The annual event is a way to celebrate church life and reach out to the community while raising funds for various church projects and missionary efforts, said committee chair Bob Crouch.

Crouch took over as chair last year and decided to revamp the festival to focus more on community outreach and to make it into an event families would attend, he said.

“We wanted the opportunity to celebrate as a community so this allows us to go beyond the walls of our church and beyond the church grounds to bring people in.”

One of the changes made was to incorporate live bands from other churches in Cove to give people insight into what the faith community has to offer, Crouch said.

“Our measure of success, since we’re a faith-based event, is that one or more of the people here will come back to our church or one of the other churches in the community.” The festival featured carnival games, a dunk booth and bounce houses for the children, along with books and bake sales, arts and crafts and a silent auction run by church members.

Member Megan Amoako-Abdo said it is always important for families to have an outlet, which can be few and far between.

“Communities don’t always have a lot for the whole family, especially the little ones, so this is a place where everyone can come and fellowship with people from all denominations.”

Several home-business vendors, including Tiffiny Edwards, showed off their merchandise. “Not only does it get the community out but it also helps generate small businesses in the area,” said Edwards, owner of Camille’s Cute Creations.

Sarah Straley with grandson Steele Straley, a volunteer with Boy Scout Troop 258, described the event as an opportunity to “mix and mingle and see what Copperas Cove has to offer.”

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