The defense team for Army Master Sgt. Christopher Grisham on Friday filed a notice of appeal to the Third Court of Appeals of Austin.

Grisham was found guilty of interference with the duties of a public servant, a Class B misdemeanor, in a second trial that ended Nov. 2.

Grisham’s first trial ended Oct. 18 with a hung jury when the six-member jury couldn’t come to a unanimous decision on his innocence or guilt.

A March 16 encounter between Grisham and Temple police Officer Steve Ermis ended up with Grisham going to jail, charged with resisting arrest. Grisham and his teenage son Chris were on a 10-mile hike and Grisham was carrying an AR-15 rifle across his chest on a sling.

Ermis responded to a non-emergency call to the Temple Police Department reporting a man with a long gun and a woman walking on Airport Road.

Ermis located the duo and decided to forcibly take Grisham’s rifle because he said he was afraid for his safety.

The charge against Grisham was later reduced to interfering with the duties of a public servant.

He was fined $2,000 for interfering with the duties of a public servant but wasn’t sentenced to jail time.

“If the appeals court decides to remand the judgment, then it goes back to Richardson with instructions on what he did wrong and how to correct it,” Rannefeld said. And there will be another trial.

A phone call to Bell County Attorney Jim Nichols wasn’t returned Friday.

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Dr Strangelove

Is this guy still active duty? He’s very obese.

I saw the video; dude you were wrong putting your hand on the weapon like that.

You make the NCO Corps look bad you’re an embarrassment!

Give it a rest.


His weight is irrelevant to the case. The officer was wrong in the first place but even a bad cop will yell at you that he is taking the weapon. Also don't everybody knows this cop was not in the slightest worried about his safety. Fact, no officer has ever been shot by a father with young son walking on a rural road in texas with a rifle strung on his back. So get over it. I hope he wins his appeal and if he doesn't, I want him to keep appealing until he has exhausted all attempts. By the way, I want the officer fired and never allowed to have a firearm. I almost forget the officer was more obese.

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