COPPERAS COVE — More than a dozen Second Amendment rights advocates stood outside the Coryell County annex carrying Battle of Gonzales flags and Revolutionary War banners as similar marches took place at state capitols around the country.

“The only reason I held it today, is because it is national Second Amendment Day and they are doing it at the Capitol,” said organizer Christine Hudgens. “I wanted to say, ‘Hey come out and look at what the typical gun owner looks like.’”

Hudgens said average gun owners are not the people who have been getting national media

attention for mass shootings and other deadly crimes, but rather responsible mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers.

President Barack Obama’s gun control proposals are an infringement on Second Amendment rights, and restricting the Second Amendment has been the president’s political agenda, said Bruce Raymond, who drove from Killeen to attend the rally.

Obama’s proposed legislation would require universal background checks, ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines and take several other measures to tighten gun restrictions.

“(The Second Amendment) doesn’t say what my arms have to look like,” Hudgens said. “One is not any more dangerous than the other. It is the person behind it. ... It is the person, not the equipment.”

Hudgens’ husband, Ronnie Hudgens, said the current laws should be better enforced before making new laws. It is also time that people start being responsible, she said.

There were people who knew that Adam Lanza, 20, was going to snap prior to the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident, said two of the rally attendees. People should have listened to his mother, Nancy Lanza, who Adam Lanza shot and killed before going on the rampage in Newtown, Conn., and it was her responsibility to keep her guns safe, they said.

Raymond said people should not remember the names of the killers, but instead remember the victims.

“You have to change the mindset of people,” Ronnie Hudgens said. “You have to protect yourself. You are your family’s protectors and that is your responsibility.”

Christine Hudgens said infringing on or “whittling away at” the Second Amendment will affect the rest of people’s rights and civil liberties.

“The Second Amendment is our last line of defense against tyranny, domestic and foreign,” Christine Hudgens said. “Once the Second Amendment is gone. There is no more freedom of speech; there is no more freedom of the press if you can’t protect it.”

“It was Jefferson who said, ‘The wonderful thing about the Second Amendment is that you won’t know you need it until they try to take it away.’”

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Dr Strangelove

Viktor you‘re totally missing the point. I did not compare guns to cars I’m comparing Mama Griz’s logic to cars. According to her logic we should ban all guns except muzzle loading type guns to save lives. So by going by her logic they only had horses back then; so should we ban cars and have only horses this will save lives—sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? So maybe you need to comment back to Mama Griz she is the coming up these ideas. As for the Brady anti-gun lobby please don’t make me laugh you need to go to the FBI and get some honest stats, the CDC overinflates it’s numbers to get more funding just look at the lying numbers they put out years ago about AIDS. Again Viktor I maintain that you’re no gun owner because no real gun owner would go to such an anti-gun site like the Brady Campaign for stats. Mama Griz I was being sarcastic about you owning a car as usual you didn’t address the question. According to your logic if you own a car you are causing many deaths much than gun deaths. Since you want everyone to go back to muzzle loading weapons wouldn’t you also want everyone to go back to horses to save lives—that is your argument not mind. I will ask you both again, “What laws has President Obama proposed that would have stopped the tragedy at Sandy Hook”?

Mama Griz I pointed out to you a few days ago about the teen being killed in Chicago with their strict gun laws you did not reply what say you now—what laws in Chicago could have saved this young lady’s life? You are proposing the same things!

For Viktor to answer your question: According to a May report by the Washington, D.C.-based Violence Policy Center: A total of 31,236 firearm-related deaths nationwide (good for a rate of 10.19 per 100,000 people) and 36,361 motor vehicle-related deaths (for a rate of 11.87 per 100,000). For the moment at least, car deaths are still more common nationwide than those caused by firearms.

Mamma Griz

Dr. Strangelove:: You asked if I own a car? What business is it of yours?!


Comparing automobiles to guns now? Already read it here. Comparing a mode of transport to a piece of machinery designed to cause bodily damage or kill to its target is quite a stretch but now that it's been brought up, here's a fact: CDC estimates that auto-related deaths will fall to 32,000 in 2015 while deaths from firearms, which include suicides and accidents, are estimated to rise to 33,000 over the same period. As far as facts, there's been plenty posted here & Brady campaign to prevent gun violence has lots more for anyone interested. Look beyond mass killings at big picture on gun violence. Or not.

Dr Strangelove

Viktor your anti-gun rants are getting old what I have posted are facts; what you have posted are rants. Mama Griz please show us where in the Bill of Rights where there is something about hunting? So according to you we need to ban all guns except muzzle loaders—give me a break that’s too funny. As for large-capacity magazines I’ve given you facts you did not respond. Again by your logic we should ban automobiles because of the many people killed in them—horses were used in the Revolutionary War, Battles of Gonzales & Alamo. If horses good enough then; they should be good enough now. Do you own a car? [scared]

Mamma Griz

You can have all the guns you want-- just make sure that they are of the same type as were carried at the Battle of Gonzales or in the Revolutionary War. Or for that matter at the Battle of the ALAMO. I don't think they had semi-automatic or automatic guns-- or large-capacity magazines-- then. I do believe that those types of guns were affective and were also used for hunting. If they were good enough then they should be good enough now.


Looking at Mama Griz's post, I don't see where she is asking a specific person to respond. If anyone here feels compelled to be the voice of the pro-gun movement then that's their choice. A children killed in bathtub accidents bit has been posted in numerous places all over the comments section by a certain someone here. It seems counterproductive to tell others that their viewpoint is getting old.

Dr Strangelove

Mama Griz you still using the same lame argument somebody is taking away your rights. You’ve been answered over a half dozen times and you refuse to answer back other than insult gun owners and the NRA.

Do you just post on here to argue with people because it seems you don’t want to have an honest discussion? I’ve answered you with hard facts time after time so I’m not going to give more you facts this time—please it’s getting old.

Mamma Griz

So us ordinary citizens don't have the right to walk on a street, go to a theater, go to a mall? Where are my rights? So an assault-type weapon is for hunting? I guess so-- after all, Adam Lanza used one to go hunting children in schoool. Maybe he needed the gun with its large-capacity magazine for protection-- to protect himself from being gang-raped by a bunch of kindergarten children. Children, watch out-- don't attempt to gang-rape a guy with any type of gun.

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