Bell County Habitat for Humanity held its first Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, giving residents a chance to purchase home improvement items and learn more about the nonprofit organization’s work in the community.

“It’s a great opportunity to save you money, and you never know what kind of treasures you’re going to find,” said Steve Church, Habitat’s executive director.

Marilyn Bassey, who attended Saturday’s bazaar at the Restore on Atkinson Avenue in Killeen, said she often comes to the shop to purchase items for her own home in Killeen.

“I have an older home, so (the ReStore) is a great place to go,” Bassey said. “The prices are much lower.”

The ReStore sells donated home improve items at discount prices. Shoppers can buy everything from paint and ceiling fans to doors, tiles and bathtubs.

It isn’t just those looking to do a little remodeling who have found the ReStore helpful. Church said “upcycling,” in which old furniture or other items are refurbished, also created more interest.

“You look at websites like Pinterest, and you can see that a lot more people are interested in repurposing these kinds of items,” Church said.

Church proudly showed off several examples of such projects created from items at the Killeen ReStore, and has a wall full of photos of other projects.

Whether it’s people looking to remodel their homes, or crafty upcyclers, revenue from the ReStore, which goes toward helping Habitat for Humanity cover operations cost and build homes, was up 35 percent from last year, Church said.

In addition to the items for sale at the ReStore, the bazaar also featured local vendors from other Killeen businesses.

Church said the organization hopes to hold similar events on a monthly basis beginning in the spring.

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