By Sarah Chacko

Killeen Daily Herald

The second campaign finance report was filed Friday by mayoral and Killeen City Council candidates.

The reports cover whatever money has been contributed to or expended by the candidate for his or her campaign since the last report, which was due April 13.

Mayoral candidate Timothy Hancock received more than $5,000 in political contributions, which included:

$400 from Helen Purser of Killeen;

$300 from Lawrence Holly of Killeen;

$200 each from Horace Grace, Ernestine Williams and Rancier Realty, all of Killeen;

$250 each from Jack Barnes, Bill and Jonnie Lou Yowell, Dan Corbin and James Lindley, all of Killeen, Don McMullin of Copperas Cove, Paula Lohse of Harker Heights;

$150 each from Otis Evans of Killeen and Kenneth Ray of Belton; and $100 each from Arthur Junot, Linda Foster, Jack Wells, Henderson Garrett Trust, Joe Bufford Real Estate, Allen Cloud, Rose Eller, T.J. Mills and Pete Gilbert, all of Killeen, and Samuel Murphey and Mary Teresa Young, both of Harker Heights.

Hancock's expenditures totaled more than $2,400, including nearly $1,400 in political advertisements and signs.

Mayoral candidate Tonya Horton reported nearly $150 in contributions of $50 or less. She spent the same amount.

Mayoral candidate Randy Sammons reported $890 in contributions; $250 from Jean and David Sammons of Long Beach, Miss., and $640 from himself. He spent $490 for signage.

Seven of the eight candidates filed final reports on May 5.

Because of a planned trip, Charlie King filed his final report on April 13, said J.B. Davis, King's campaign treasurer.

King received about $3,100 in total contributions, including $2,368 in cash from a fundraiser, and spent the same amount.

Larry Cole received $4,600 in political contributions, including:

$300 each from Jim Foster and Gary Purser, both of Killeen;

$250 from Jim Wright of Harker Heights;

$200 each from David Barr of Belton and Johnny Frederick of Killeen;

$150 each from Kenneth Jean and James Lindley, both of Killeen; and

$100 each from Rancier Realty, RRS Inc. and Maryette Clifton, all of Killeen, and Saba Halaby of Harker Heights.

He reported more than $2,500 in expenditures, including nearly $1,800 for campaign signs and advertisements.

Alvin Dillard reported $2,650 in political contributions, the majority of which were in-kind contributions: $800 each from Tony Kim and Chong Boone, and $1,000 from Olympic Realty, all of Killeen.

He reported more than $3,700 in expenditures, including $2,500 for political signs and advertisements.

Otis Evans received more than $2,300 in contributions, including $300 from Gary Purser of Killeen; $250 each from Evan and Donna Allseitz of Woodbridge, Va., Scott Cosper and Cristy Cosper, both of Killeen; $100 each from Fred and Rene Latham, Joe Bufford, Jim and Linda Foster, Eddie and Joy Oliver, Wayne Gilmore, and Chuck and Cindy Davis, all of Killeen.

He spent about $2,200, including more than $1,000 for political signs, advertisements and mailings.

Derrell Lee reported $30 in campaign contributions and $300 in expenditures.

Rena Noriega reported no contributions and $44 in expenditures.

Doris Owens received nearly $1,300 in contributions, including $250 from Roy Sephus of Killeen, $216.50 from David Crawford of Killeen and $200 from Tim Hancock of Killeen.

She reported no expenditures.

Billy Workman received $785 in political contributions, including $500 from Gene and June Williams of Killeen. He spent about $970, all of which was for campaign signs and advertisements.

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