Harker Heights athletic complex nears completion

Herald/SARAH MOORE KUSCHELL - Octavio Garica hangs fence around one of four baseball/softball fields on Tuesday at what will be Harker Heights’ new athletic complex off FM 2410.

By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

HARKER HEIGHTS – The Farm-to-Market 2410 Athletic Complex will have its seeds planted today to go alongside its already standing fences, light poles and more.

The first sod for the four baseball/softball fields, which are under construction at the upcoming athletic complex, will be laid today, said Jerry Bark, Harker Heights Parks and Recreation director, while touring the facility on Tuesday.

"I am excited that we are giving our baseball and softball folks a home," Bark said. "This is the first facility for baseball and softball to be built in Harker Heights since the '60s."

The fields have already been laser-leveled and the brown clay has been brought in for the infield, Bark said.

On Tuesday, while Bark toured one of the four fields, members of the Vanguard Contractors, LP construction team cleared smaller rocks from the brown dirt on the infield. The crew also worked fences, cut grooves into the cement walk ways that surrounded the mostly constructed concession stand and more.

All the buildings that are to be constructed during the first phase of construction on the 62-acre site are already standing, Bark said.

They include a maintenance building, a concession stand and a secondary bathroom.

The walking trail, which stretches all around the northern part of the complex, already has been curbed and will be paved close to the park's finish date, Bark said.

The parking lot has also been curbed and is waiting to be paved.

"You will be able to get to the trails from every parking lot in the complex," Bark said.

The complex also will be the home of a playground, which currently is fenced off from the other construction.

"The playground equipment is supposed to arrive Nov. 17," Bark said.

Around the same time the park will receive picnic tables, bleachers, and score boards, Bark said.

While the park is well under way, Bark said it is still is far from being completed.

Vanguard has an original finish date for March, however, several days will be added due to bad weather and a few other issues, Bark said.

Even when Vanguard is done with the construction the park will not be completed.

There is a second phase of construction for the athletic complex, which may start this year with the City Council's approval. It will add four smaller fields, more walking trails, and additional parking.

Parks and Recreation also plans to continue to improve the facility by clearing trees and adding more trees to the complex, Bark said.

"As we get closer to March date, we may start to schedule some exhibition games to coincide with the opening," Bark said.

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