By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

HARKER HEIGHTS - Three City Council members are attending a conference for Texas city officials that began Tuesday in Corpus Christi.

The Texas Municipal League (TML) has its 98th Annual Conference and Exhibition through Friday in Corpus Christi.

The conference is a "great educational forum" where both city staff members and elected local officials learn more about government, said Councilman Sam Murphey.

"It is like a school for the city council," Murphey said.

The conference will host several speakers and a number of break-out sessions about city government issues, according to TML's website.

The speakers are like lecturers, but there is a lot of interaction between them and those attending, "so there is back and forth," said Councilman Rob Robinson.

He said the conference is a great educational tool on how to serve a city as an elected official.

The city has spent between $5,000 and $5,500 to send the City council and the city manager to the conference for the last couple of years, said city Finance Director Alberta Barrett.

The money comes from the administration department's budget for travel and training, she said.

The cost of the trip is well worth the education the council receives at the conference, Murphey said.

"For a minimal investment you get a maximum pay back for the community," he said.

While residents may not see a quantifiable result from council members attending the conference, several council members believe it is essential to how the city performs business.

"For me, I feel it is beneficial to help me be a better council man," Robinson said.

TML is an organization that exists to provide services to Texas cities, states the organization's website. TML's membership includes more than 1,117 cities.

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