HARKER HEIGHTS — City officials whittled a list of more than $33 million in capital improvement projects to a list with a more manageable $8 million price tag Tuesday.

The project list includes improvements to water, wastewater, streets and administration, which city staff deemed the most advantageous projects to move forward with now.

During a City Council meeting Tuesday, councilmen heard an updated presentation from Alberta Barrett, finance director, who presented a more condensed list of projects, including expanding City Hall, widening and adding a left-turn lane and signal lights on Farm-to-Market 3481, reconstructing Amy and Pecan drives and upgrading the Cedar Knob pump station and Warrior’s Path lift station.

Council members went on to discuss which projects should take priority and how much the city should borrow to complete the projects.

“If we don’t fix the road on Comanche Gap, like we said we were going to when it came before us again, we are going to have a lot of people lined up in here,” said Mayor Mike Aycock, who was in favor of borrowing more than the $8 million Barrett presented to get all the projects completed.

According to Barrett, the city would borrow $3 million from the utility fund and $5 million or $6 million from the general fund.

“In terms of borrowing, this is the best time to do so,” said Councilmen Pat Christ. “The rates aren’t going to get any lower. They are going to start increasing. It’s in our best interest to do projects now while the rates are in our favor.”

After a lengthy discussion on whether to expand the City Hall or fix Comanche Gap, Councilman Sam Murphey and Aycock suggested borrowing more money to get all the projects completed.

Before the meeting adjourned, council members asked Barrett to get them more concrete numbers on how much each project would cost so they can make a better decision on which direction to go when they meet again Dec. 10.

The council needs to make a decision on how much to borrow before the end of the year in order to lock in rates.

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