HARKER HEIGHTS — At their regular meeting Tuesday night, City Council members voted to approve an ordinance granting Atmos Energy Corporation a franchise to construct, maintain and operate gas pipelines and equipment in the city and for the transportation, delivery, sale and distribution of gas.

The franchise agreement between Atmos and the city recently expired. The new ordinance will replace the one approved in 1987 and will expire Dec. 31, 2023, with one additional five-year automatic renewal, said Finance Director Alberta Barrett.

As part of the new franchise agreement, Barrett told the council that Atmos agreed to change from making franchise payments on a yearly basis to a quarterly basis. The franchise fee will remain as 5 percent of gross revenues.

Council members also voted to approve a resolution for the Meeting Room policy at the Harker Heights Activity Center.

Parks and Recreation Director Jerry Bark explained that the policy’s intent is to establish guidelines and procedures for use of the Activity Center.

The policy now states exactly what is expected from customers in terms of cleanup when they rent the space. “We just wanted to get our staff members on the same sheet of music,” Bark said. “Everyone has a different idea of what cleaning means to them, and this was a way to streamline that process and hone in on what is expected of our customers.”

The new policy states that all the tables and chairs used need to be free of debris and food and must be wiped down before they are stacked appropriately on carts. The floor must be free of spills, debris and food.

All media equipment must be returned to the Activity Center and all personal items are to be removed and all trash taken out to the Dumpster.

Countertops and sinks need to be free of debris and food and need to be wiped down and the room needs to be free of damage.

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