HARKER HEIGHTS — A busy neighborhood near Union Grove Middle School and Mountain View Elementary will soon be made safer for children with the addition of stop signs and a school zone extension.

The City Council on Tuesday approved the modifications on Canoe Drive and East Great Plains Trail as recommended by the Harker Heights Police Department.

“Parents have complained about the speed of the cars on this stretch of Canoe Drive, especially in the morning hours when it’s dark,” said Mark Hyde, public works director.

Existing yield signs will be replaced by stop signs at the East Great Plains Trail intersections of Canoe Drive and Buckskin Trail.

Additionally, the Canoe Drive school zone will be extended to the East Running Wolf Trail intersection.

The yield signs were initially put in place when the housing development and city were less densely populated, stated Sgt. Steve Miller in a traffic study report to Police Chief Mike Gentry.

“At that time, yield signs may have been appropriate for the roadway,” the report stated. “Over the years and with the development of the area ... along with fenced yards and road curvatures ... it has become a safety issue.”

Councilmen Spencer Smith and Rob Robinson pointed out that cars lining the street curbs and the lack of sidewalks on Canoe also make the area hazardous to pedestrians.

In other business, the council approved a $79,975 bid from HydroPro Solutions of Cedar Park to provide the city’s annual supply of water meters. The city turned down a lower bid from ACT Pipe & Supply of Temple because it failed to meet the convex glass lens requirement for the meter register.

The convex glass allows water to roll off the meter rather than pooling on top, Hyde said.

“You might say, ‘well, big deal, just clean them off.’ But when you have 9,500 meters to read each month, it’s time consuming.”

Ultimately, the convex glass means longer life for the meters, Hyde said.

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