HARKER HEIGHTS — Disc golf lives on for now in the city, thanks to renovations the parks and recreation department recently made to the Purser Park disc golf course and other corrective action the department plans to take in the future.

Neighbors on Nickelback Drive, which borders the disc golf course, had complained about golfers trespassing in their yards to retrieve plastic discs since the course opened last December.

Although the city twice moved the basket closest to her backyard, Debra Jamieson told the City Council on Sept. 11 that she still had discs flying onto her property and asked that the course be removed from the park.

Rather than eliminate the course, which has proven popular with disc golfers in the area, the city chose to make more drastic renovations to protect residential properties, Parks and Recreation Director Jerry Bark told the City Council at a workshop Tuesday.

“We moved tee boxes and baskets away from all fence lines, even the ones near homes where people had not complained,” Bark said. “We shortened the course but made it more challenging,”

They also planted trees to serve as natural barriers along some fence lines and will plant more in the future.

On Sept. 24, Bark met with residents of the neighborhood to show them the park renovations and to get their input. Of the 17 homes on Nickelback Drive, five were represented at the meeting, Bark said.

“I got some great feedback,” Bark said. “They’re very happy with the locations where we moved some of these tee boxes and baskets. They had some suggestions for additional amenities. It was a good conversation.”

Jamieson, who attended the neighborhood meeting, said Tuesday that she is withholding judgment on the course renovations until more time has passed.

“I’m still holding out, because all it takes is for somebody to make their own course out there,” she said. “If I don’t find any more discs, I’ll be very happy.”

The parks and recreation department will meet with disc golfers at 6 p.m. Oct. 16 at Purser Park to go over course rules and etiquette and to address any questions and concerns they may have about the renovations.

For more information about the meeting, call Bark at (254) 286-9483.

Contact Kristi Johnson at kristij@kdhnews.com or (254) 501-7548

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