By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

HARKER HEIGHTS - The city is selling furniture and other items inside the old police station and library, but the fate of the former police headquarters is still unknown.

"We have not talked to the council to see what they want to do with (the old police station)," City Manager Steve Carpenter said. "In all likelihood, we will do one or two things. We will either sell it to somebody or tear the building down and possibly sell the property."

Auctioning off the older furniture in the building is one of the first steps in doing something with the building on Harley Drive, Carpenter said.

The auction to sell more than 119 items from the old police station and the old library started on Monday and will end at 2 p.m. Dec. 3. The auction is being conducted online at

"There is a lot of memories in that old building, but it is just stuff, and stuff is not important," said police Lt. Loretta Fox, who is running the online auction.

The city is not allowed to give the items away by law, Carpenter said. It has to sell them.

"It is just sitting there so we might as well sell it," Fox said.

While Harker Heights has conducted several auctions in the past, this is its first online auction and the first time to sell so much furniture, Fox said. The city hopes to sell more items by using the Internet.

The money earned from the auction will go back into the city's general fund, Carpenter said.

"It will be reapportioned back in the future, and the council can decide what they want to do with it at a later date," he said.

Currently, the old library on Beeline is in the process of being leased by the Armed Services YMCA, which runs a spray park next to the building.

The police station, which also once served as city hall, is sitting vacant in front of the city's animal shelter. Construction of a new animal shelter is expected to begin either in early 2010.

Carpenter said he believes the City Council will probably address some ideas about what to do with the old police station and its property after the first of the year.

"I think it is a little early (to say what we will do)," Carpenter said. "I think we need to a little brain-storming on what we are actually do with the property."

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