By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

The Harker Heights City Council will discuss the construction of a new animal shelter at a 3 p.m. workshop meeting today.

There is a rough draft of the design plans that will be presented to the City Council, said Lt. Loretta Fox with the Harker Heights Police Department.

Members of the city staff, the animal advisory committee and the architect, Michael Marrs of Temple, have been meeting at least once a week for the past four or five weeks, said Steve Carpenter, Harker Heights city manager.

"We have been working really diligently to try to get this finished," Carpenter said.

The group has come up with a floor plan, a sight layout and a rendering of what the building will be like, Carpenter said. Those will be presented to the City Council to have its input.

The Council has spoken about the construction of a new animal control shelter several times since August 2007.

The project has changed architects three times since then. The last change of architects was because the city and the architect, were not "linking philosophically," Mike Gentry, Harker Heights police chief, said in a previous article.

The design the previous architect was working on didn't fit the rest of the city's facilities, Carpenter said, also in a previous article.

The last architect the city was trying to acquire for the building designed the Temple animal shelter.

The police department is hoping the facility will have a clinical area with laboratories, wide and long dog runs, a meeting room for those looking to adopt, a good drop-off point for animals and more kennels than the current shelter, Gentry said in August 2008.

The shelter will be located next to Fire Station 1 in the 400 block of Indian Trail.

Carpenter is hoping to have the project go out for construction bids in about 45 days, he said Monday.

The City Council will also discuss phase one of a aintenance yard project that will support water system improvements.

The City Council meets in the Kitty Young Council Chambers at City Hall, 305 Miller's Crossing.

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