A funeral has been set for the unidentified infant found dead inside a Killeen Walmart bathroom last month.

Several businesses donated services to provide a proper burial for the infant, who is being referred to as “Baby Jane Doe.”

The public is invited to the 2 p.m. service Thursday at Killeen City Cemetery.

The infant was found dead inside a bathroom Dec. 7 at Walmart on Lowe’s Boulevard. Police have not been able to locate the child’s mother.

It is also uncertain whether the child was born alive or dead. A preliminary autopsy report for the infant listed the cause of the infant’s death as uncertain along with whether the child was a full-term baby or a still-born fetus.

The Bell/Coryell Crime Victims Coalition, working with several local businesses, organized the funeral. Crawford Bowers Funeral Home and Temple Mortuary provided free services along with Christell’s Flowers.

Lisa Hatfield, chairwoman of the Victims Coalition, said providing a formal ceremony for the unidentified infant was one of the first things that crossed her mind when she heard of the incident.

“The thought of her being alone in the bathroom, we didn’t want her to be alone in her burial,” Hatfield said.

Temple Mortuary co-owner Linda Owens said her staff became very concerned about what would happen with the baby almost immediately. Owens’ business was tasked with removing the infant from the Walmart.

They donated embalming services as well as clothes for the infant and a crucifix necklace.

“We just felt in our hearts that this is what we needed to do,” Owens said.

Crawford-Bowers Funeral Home is providing a casket for the service and handling arrangements.

Putting the funeral together took more than a month because investigators needed to be certain they had recorded all evidence from the incident.

Hatfield said she worked closely with detectives to make sure that if the child was buried, she would never need to be exhumed. Hatfield is also the victim’s assistance coordinator for Killeen Police Department.

She then made recommendations to the county, which would ultimately be responsible for the infant. They then gave her approval to organize the funeral.

Walmart employees from all over Central Texas have also made donations.

“It affected a great deal of people over there,” Hatfield said. “This is not something that happens every day, so they just wanted to step up and make sure she was OK and provided the best possible burial.”

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