By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

The Internet can be a useful tool to those in search of jobs.

"The best thing to know about using those (job hunting) Web sites is it grants you access to a number of jobs that you wouldn't have access to in your local newspaper," said Wendy Ann Riggs, Workforce Solutions of Central Texas Career Center supervisor. "You can go to one central location and find listings for several organizations."

Job board Web sites allow people to search in several locations, not just their hometown without the hassle of calling specific businesses and asking them for available positions.

The Web sites can cut down on the time it takes to find and apply for a job, Riggs said, "Which is a tremendous benefit to job seekers."

There are several things that one can also help quell the time it takes in applying for jobs via the Internet.

When applying for jobs through job board Web sites, it is important that job seekers to have their contact information, work history and an electronic copy of their resume, Riggs said.

If the job board Web site allows a seeker to upload a resume, they should do it, Riggs said.

It is important that a seeker place every job they have had on that resume, she added.

"Our (Workforce Solutions of Central Texas) recommendation is when you are filing out your resume on a job site, don't limit your job information," Riggs said. "If you limit information on your master (resume) then you prevent the employer from knowing your experience in that field or industry," she added.

Job seekers should be careful when doing this, though. They should first research the Web site to see who has access to the material they post, Riggs said. While the majority of the Web sites have legitimate businesses using them some don't.

When applying for a specific job on a Web site, the seeker can typically tailor a resume to fit the job either in the application process or by uploading the information directly to the business.

If the seeker used key words to search for the job, it is helpful if the resume and or application includes all of those key words and phrases, Riggs said.

Jobs seekers who are applying for jobs but not getting calls may want to redo their resume or have it looked over by someone at a Workforce Solutions of Central Texas Career Center, Riggs said.

Job seekers who are getting calls after applying but are not passing the interview, may want to attend interview seminars the career center offers.

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