By Erin Steele

Killeen Daily Herald

Its difficult to imagine that any band would willingly make a pit stop on its road to fame. But for Seek Irony, a heavy metal group from Tel Aviv, there is one thing they value far more than superstardom.

The fans.

Specifically, the band appreciates its Killeen fans, who first saw Seek Irony perform at last years annual KriticKillers Ball at Heroes in Harker Heights. The Israeli band is back again for this years event, which will kick off at 9 p.m. today at Heroes.

In addition to Seek Irony, the lineup includes KriticKill, Grain and Trifecta.

We could have just flown directly to San Francisco to record the album and then kick off our tour, but we just felt that it would be too cool to come here and play the Halloween show like last year, said Seek Irony lead singer Kfir Gov. There was a strong connection with the crowd, so we thought it would be really cool to come here anyway, even if we have to drive all the way to San Francisco.

Theres something about the people here that just got to us, said Rom Gov, Kfirs brother and the bands drummer.

Its the love of music, said Eran Mumtner, Seek Ironys guitar player. Were not used to seeing people come to a place just to hear music. In Israel, people dont typically go out just to see shows.

Seek Irony performed at last years show thanks to KriticKill, whom they met online through The site encourages bands to post their songs, which allows other musicians to write reviews of their work. Seek Irony wrote a positive review of KriticKills Freedom, which led to communication between the two musical acts. Eventually, Seek Irony paired up with KriticKill at the 2004 KriticKillers Ball.

The thing that really overwhelmed us last year was that the whole place was packed with American soldiers, Kfir said. In Israel, its mandatory to serve in the army, and we all served three years. I know the Iraq War is kind of controversial in the States, but I dont know if Americans are able to see how it has improved things in our country and how the Middle East is politically becoming a better place.

So a lot of soldiers came up and talked to all of us after the show and said, Its great that youve come, and we just thought it would be great to do it again, Kfir said. Were really hoping to see a lot of soldiers.

Seek Irony which also includes Daniel Strosberg on bass and Yoav Volansky on keyboards and electronics has been in Killeen for about a week, preparing for tonights show. After this weekends event, they will head to California to work on their first full-length album with producer Sylvia Massy Shivy. Shivy has worked with bands such as System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Anansie.

Were the first band from our country to work with such a big figure in the American music industry, Kfir said.

Rich Veltrop, who has previously worked with bands such as Rage Against the Machine and musicians such as Ozzy Osbourne, will co-produce.

The band will begin recording Nov. 17 and expects to complete the album by December. The production deal is a huge step for Seek Irony, who hopes to reach a larger audience than the small number of heavy metal fans found in their home of Tel Aviv.

International media has also taken notice of the band, with newspapers in Tel Aviv, numerous Web sites around the world and national magazines such as New Yorks Metal Maniacs devoting space to the rockers.

We decided to do this kind of music in English because we were not aiming for a small market like our country. We were aiming at a world market. The local record labels in our country are focused only on our country, and metal especially in English is out of the question, Kfir said. This album right now is the most important thing in the world for us. This is the album that will open all the industry doors.

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