The judge in the case of accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan has denied defense requests for a change of venue and a new jury pool.

"The presumption of prejudice only exists in extreme circumstances, and this is not one of them," Col. Tara Osborn, the judge in the case, said during a hearing at Fort Hood today.

Hasan’s defense team questioned the pre-selected jury pool, made up of officers not stationed at Fort Hood and who are equal or higher than rank to Hasan. His lawyers also requested the court-martial take place at a location other than Fort Hood.

Furthermore, the judge said media coverage has largely been local, and is not affecting nationwide pool of jurors.

Read full story in Thursday's Killeen Daily Herald.

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I cant believe its been 3yrs and this man still not sentenced.[sad] He doesnt deserve a death sentenced...He deserve a firing squad 13 times. And that defense lawyer need to realize that his client is criminal period.! I cant forget that day...!


Why waste the people's money in moving the case? Enough of a waste has happened just from the confinement of a guilty man ? Where would it be moved to that no one would know of the case and already have an opinion ?
It was rather a ridiculous request.

What's going on is delay, delay hoping some reason will suddenly appear, where the defense attorneys will be able to convince the world,their client is an innocent victim of his crimes, or is being unjustly treated by U.S. law standards.

While I think,the families of the murdered, and the ones who are still suffering from wounds, are the true victims of undue suffering because of the defense attorneys delays.

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