The sentencing of the man who led multiple local law enforcement agencies on a high-speed chase was halted so his mental health could be evaluated.

Fifty-three-year-old Richard Glen Turnbo, of Killeen, was initially scheduled to be sentenced Thursday on a 2012 felony drug charge.

Instead, his lawyer asked that hearing be reset so Turnbo could be evaluated by a psychiatrist.

“The doctor will go see him in the jail, interview him, and determine if he is competent to proceed,” said Jeffrey Parker, Turnbo’s court-appointed lawyer. “If he is determined to be incompetent to have his sentencing hearing, he will be committed to the Austin State Hospital for mental treatment.”

If the hospital can restore Turnbo’s competency, he will be returned for his sentencing hearing, Parker said.

If Turnbo is found competent, the court will move forward with the sentencing.

Turnbo was arrested Jan. 9 after a chase that began in Killeen, and reached speeds in excess of 100 miles-an-hour before it ended on Fort Hood property near Gatesville.

When he was arrested, law enforcement officers recovered three guns and narcotics inside the vehicle, according to police reports.

The charge Turnbo was scheduled to be sentenced for stemmed from an arrest in December 2012, when Killeen police pulled him over and recovered numerous contraband from his vehicle, including marijuana and 15 grams of methamphetamine.

Turnbo was charged with possession of methamphetamine in the amount of 4 grams or more, but less than 200 grams. Turnbo plead guilty to that charge.

He was released from Bell County Jail in January 2013, after a judge reduced his bond from $50,000 to $1,500, according to court records.

Turnbo failed to show up for his sentencing on that charge in March, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Turnbo wasn’t apprehended until after the Jan. 9 pursuit. Turnbo is currently in in Bell County Jail could face additional felony charges as a result of the high-speed chase. | 254-501-7568

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