LAMPASAS — On March 16, 4-year-old Cujo, a Catahoula mix, ran around in the neighborhood with Missy, his 14-year-old dog-sister.

The dogs, both pets of Hillcrest Street resident Catherine Carnes, had gotten out of her house through a crack in the window, she said. Cujo and Missy ended up near Veto “Robert” Resa’s yard. Shots were fired. Cujo died.

Now, the circumstances surrounding Cujo’s death sparked a debate in Lampasas.

During the public comment portion of a Lampasas City Council meeting last week, Carnes spoke to council members about seeking justice on what she views as a shoddy investigation done by the Lampasas Police Department.

Resa, who Lampasas Police Chief Tim Angermann said works as a firefighter and possibly a paramedic for the city of Burnet, also gave a statement at the meeting before Carnes spoke.

Since moving to Brown Street in 2011, Resa said he has seen multiple “stabbing victims” on his porch and an “individual break into a vehicle” in the past year and a half. Due to these incidents, he carries a concealed handgun at all times while off duty, he said.

On March 16, two dogs approached his home; one was untagged and looked “pit bull” in nature, Resa said.

“I made one attempt to shoo the dog; the dog made no response and on the second attempt the dog became aggressive and attacked me at that time,” he said.

Resa decided to use his gun and shot the dog, mortally wounding him.

Cujo then dragged himself the short distance home. Carnes found him on the porch, bleeding profusely, she said. The family put the dog in the car to take him to the pet hospital, but he died en route while lying in Carnes’ 14-year-old son’s arms.

Carnes said her dogs have always been affectionate, non-aggressive, neighborhood dogs with no history of incidents. Cujo was one of the first dogs adopted from the local animal shelter when it opened a few years ago, she said.

“After giving sufficient evidence to the police, they have ignored it and decided to protect this man. I’ve found out this man is a habitual dog killer,” Carnes said at the meeting, speculating the police protected him because he is a firefighter.

Members of Resa’s family and several neighbors signed a petition requesting Resa be charged with animal cruelty and his concealed handgun license revoked because of his history of violence with dogs, she said.

As of Friday, the petition had about 160 signatures.

“He said he shot my dog as he was lunging at him, but the shots that are all in my dog are in the sides and the back going toward the head ... retreating shots,” she said at the meeting.

Carnes is spending $1,000 to have forensics performed on Cujo’s body at a facility in Oklahoma. She said she plans to further pursue the case with the police department and in civil court. She hired an animal rights lawyer from Houston, she said.

Carnes said police chose to ignore several neighbors’ accounts of the incident and blood spatter patterns and decided to accept late testimony from Resa’s ex-girlfriend.

Angermann said according to all evidence and statements gathered by the department, Resa was justified in his actions and the case was closed.

“We’re not taking sides because he’s a public safety person,” he said.

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catherine must be bored. 630 post! You must be harassing a lot of people on here or just don't have a life.



boohoo. Obviously I'm dealing with a 12 year old so make all the threats you want. You don't know all the animal cruelty laws. This must be the only source for your entertainment. Again....Idiot! Look up the meaning, there should be a dictionary in your 7th grade library. Stop trolling and putting down bad experiences people have with their pets.

If you can read, then read this. You don't know the story so stop trolling on here. And Billy, I hate to break your bubble, but this is not defamation. I can comment on negative activity regarding my article as much as I want.

Your just a waste of space on here.


See...clearly another idiot on the internet. If you don't know the whole story, then don't comment. The city counsel members are over everything in the city...they make new rules and look at what is lacking. But, I'm sure you already knew that.

Firemen are supposed to rescue animals, not shoot them in the street. Again....I'm going by what witnesses have told me and yes a lawyer has been hired. There is such thing as animal cruelty. If you've had a bad experience with an animal, then this is not the right place for you. Again my dog never left the street and was shot by a habitual dog killer....and this was told to me by his own family and not to mention the other dog he shot in my neighbors "fenced" yard.

Troll somewhere else!


Clearly, you have a personality problem.

I have reported your comments to the moderator for action.

Since you seem to think you can call people names in the public venue, and you have a lawyer, keep it up and you will meet my lawyer. Feel free to consult with your attorney on your actions here and respond accordingly.

I have 3 dogs. I know the law, and obviously you don't. If you have evidence to back up you wild claims, then file it.

Don't ever tell me what to do or attempt to direct my activities; you don't have that privilege. I encourage you to seek counseling for your obvious personality problems. And consult your attorney for the meaning of "slander" and "defamation of character".

Do yourself a favor and you go troll somewhere else.


And Bubba: this man told a different story at the city counsel meeting. He also emptied out half a magazine in city limits, behind a nursing home. A resident and three nurses were standing there when my dog ran past them. They said he was just playing. As soon as he ran up the street about 20 yards from them....they heard shots. He came back "in the street" the same ways he went.

What if he had hit a person? He would be having a totally different conversation right now. The witnesses said they could hear bullets bouncing off stuff.

My dog....yes he was a goofy playful boy, but he has never bitten, growled or jumped on one single person in his life time. If anything, he probably walked up to Resa to play. That guy is an idiot.


Clearly, you don't like your neighbor and you don't like the law.

How this was elevated to a city council meeting is beyond me, nor is that a court of law. Once again, if you have some evidence of wrongdoing, present it to law enforcement. If you don't, I recommend you stop posting your false claims on the internet.

Your hysterical notions are not evidence. Neither is "ear" evidence. If you have a claim, go file it and hire a good lawyer to handle the countersuit.

The animal officer assured me that the 150 pound rotteweiler that attacked me was a sweetheart. So your comments here mean nothing to me.

Your neighbor may be an idiot-but he didn't break the law. You did. Presenting your tale of woe as a put-upon victim isn't flying.


Hey Bubba: this is different. Dogs get out sometimes. It's our job and humans to help our neighbors animals....not shoot them.

My dogs got out through a cracked window. He was headed down the street to run in the field as he always did. He was shot in the street!

This same man sent me a facebook message that his kids were in the yard and approached his kids so he had to shoot him. Found out his kids weren't there. Now 3 more lies and different stories have come out.

And by the way....this man's own family said that he has shot a lot of dogs. He even shot my other neighbor's dog in the ear....(in my neighbors yard). The shooter apparently has a problem playing Rambo.

This isn't cool. Oh and one more thing. I help my neighbors dogs all the time. I don't shoot them!

Wanted to add that Cujo had been in parades, Austin dog park and around thousands of people....he even visited a few neighbors that day prior to running in front of Resa's house.

How would you like it if your dog got out and someone known for shooting dogs for target practice shot and killed him for no reason at all? You don't know the whole story so talk all you want.


No, it isn't.

Texas law is CLEAR. Loose running dogs or hybrid wolf/dogs that attack, have attacked, are attacking, just attacked, or have a record of attacking fowl, livestock, or humans may be killed by a citizen on the spot. That's the law.

While this circumstance is unfortunate, and it seems that perhaps you're a nice person, no laws were broken here and you're trying to pretend that there were because you are angry over what happened. Attacking me for educating you on the law doesn't help your case here.

For the record, I am a firearms owner, a property owner, and a dog owner. I am a responsible one in all cases. I would be upset if my dog got loose, period. Because I know my dog. If such an incident resulted in the dog being shot, under the law, I could have no complaint.

You, on the other hand, are upset that the law has been applied to you; now you're here talking down your nose at me and falsely accusing your neighbor of other crimes without evidence. If you had such evidence, as you claim, law enforcement might have paid you more attention.

YOU don't know the whole story of someone who has been attacked by a large, aggressive dog. YOU don't know the law, and YOU failed to control your dog. Your dog was shot dead because of YOU. YOU should have been fined $110 per dog per incident for your dog running loose; that's the law.

While this story is certainly a sad one, the fault lies in the person in your mirror.


Texas law is clear. Loose running dogs that attack humans or other dogs or livestock may be killed on the spot. While this may seem harsh to some, that is the law. Reading the story above, the citizen cannot be charged with shooting a loose running dog. More appropriately, the dog owner should be fined $100 for this incident. That's the law. If the dog owner wants to spend her time and money conducting a murder investigation on her dog, she is welcome to it. Texas law remains clear. If the dog was shot on the other citizen's property, the dog owner is guilty of failing to control her dog and the citizen is legally empowered to defend himself and his land from loose running dogs.

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