By Holly Wise

Killeen Daily Herald

COPPERAS COVE - A familiar face at the Copperas Cove Police Department is taking over the role of public information and community relations officer, and according to a department statement, the department is pleased to assign a full-time employee to the position.

Kevin Keller was promoted to sergeant and moved into the role vacated by Lt. Danny Austin seven months ago.

Keller, 37, has been with the department for 10 years after graduating from the Central Texas

College Regional Police Academy in 2001. He spent four years assigned as a patrol officer, four years as a corporal assigned to patrol division, and two years as a corporal assigned to Criminal Investigations.

Keller's recent assignment is over public information, community relations and communications supervisor for the dispatchers.

Keller said he's looking forward to getting more involved in the community and strengthening bonds between Cove residents and the police department.

"Lt. Danny Austin did such a wonderful job in this capacity and I hope to live up to the standards which he had set over the duration of his career," he said.

Keller said he's also looking forward to working more closely with the department's 12 dispatchers, "as they are often the first contact a citizen has with the police department when assistance is needed."

As the department's public information officer, Keller said one of his goals is "to provide current information to Cove residents, as situations allow, and assure the citizens are informed of what is going on in their community."

One of Keller's early projects is to promote the department's Facebook page. The police department is the first city department to have a page on the social networking site.

"If they choose to 'like' us, they will be notified of status updates provided by the administration, which include current events regarding the Copperas Cove Police Department and often times the Law Enforcement community in general," Keller said.

The city council adopted policy in October, which outlined city employees' ability to use social media while at the workplace.

The ordinance states that personal blogging during work, registering for networks with city e-mail addresses and posting photos, logos or any other material is prohibited "if such disclosure harms the city's reputation and/or goodwill."

It also establishes that the city may "monitor access, use and postings to the Internet to ensure compliance to the management of information systems."

The police department's Facebook page can be found by searching for "Copperas Cove Police Department" on the social network's website.

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