LAMPASAS — A Kempner volunteer firefighter offered to serve as the county’s fire marshal if commissioners agree to pay for the final two classes that would qualify him to serve.

Douglas Fagg, a 20-year veteran of the Kempner fire department, is scheduled to complete his coursework next year.

Commissioners considered his offer Monday at the request of Precinct 1 Commissioner Robert Vincent, who had asked that the item be placed on the regular court agenda.

“Essentially, he is very close to having all the stuff that is needed to qualify as a county fire marshal, and I’d like for him to talk to (commissioners),” Vincent said.

Fagg has two more classes to complete before he takes his fire investigator test, he said.

“I’ll do the fire marshal job for free if I can get the county to pay for those two classes.”

Fagg did not know what the classes would cost the county, but he offered to research it for commissioners.

County Judge Wayne Boultinghouse said the county is currently obligated to use the city of Lampasas’ fire marshal, Reece Oestreich, for fire inspections and investigations. Lampasas Fire Training Officer Chris Ford confirmed that fire marshals are required to hold peace officer certifications to investigate suspicions of criminal intent, and it was unclear if Fagg meets that requirement.

Commissioners tabled the discussion until a later time.

Other action

In other business, county officials approved the use of a form that conveys a property release of obligation for property owners to be used when the county needs to perform work on private land.

“From time to time, we need to work on county property that joins private property,” Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cox said.

“I’m just trying to get something approved that shows we have permission to work on private property for the betterment of the individual and the county. I’m just asking for input because I do have a situation where we need to work on a ditch with a steep incline to improve a drainage issue. This (form) just gives us permission to work the property where two properties join.”

Precinct 3 Commissioner Lowell Ivey praised Atmos Energy for making a substantial contribution to the county’s efforts to improve road conditions.

“Earlier in the year, Atmos Energy requested a gas line out on County Road 2200 that comes across County Road 2234,” Ivey said.

“In doing so, they were using CR 2200 and CR 2234 for all their trucks and equipment, and I spoke with them about damage to those roads.

“We have a check in the bank for $77,000 from Atmos Energy to reseal CR 2200 and also for 1,500 tons of road material for fixing a portion of CR 2234.”

Ivey said the repairs will begin this winter.

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