Three pit bulls attacked two children and an adult Monday in Killeen, police said.

Officers responded to a 911 call about a dog bite at Cody Poe Road and Armadillo Drive about 4 p.m., a news release stated. When officers arrived, witnesses said they saw three pit bulls attack a 12-year-old girl, an 11-year-old boy and a 26-year-old woman who tried to help the children get away from the dogs.

Officers found the three victims and the aggressive dogs by Cody Poe Road and used deadly force to stop the attack. All of the victims suffered multiple puncture wounds, police said.

The 12-year-old was transported to Scott & White Children’s Hospital in Temple in stable condition. The other victims were transported to Metroplex Hospital in Killeen in stable condition.

Killeen Animal Control took custody of the injured dog, but the other two pit bulls ran when the shots were fired and were still at large Monday night, police said.

Killeen police are investigating the incident. They did not release the victims’ names.

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My heart goes out to those who have been victim of these senseless and preventable dog "attacks."

I tire of people justifying the "bad rap" Pit bulls have by bringing up statistics like more people are bit by chihuahua's than Pit bulls.

ANY dog will BITE if they are provoked or feel threatened. A Pit bull will MAUL without rhyme or reason. BIG difference!


Didn't Killeen just have a little boy killed with 2 injured, while walking on a public side walk recently.?
Now this incident happens.
When a group of dogs are together, they become a pack and what they deem as a danger, they will attack as a pack.

There ahs to be more patrols done by Animal Control, They are never seem on the streets until after an incident happens. That is not why tax payers are paying for, protection after the fact of an attack.

When it gets bad enough that for individual to safely walk the streets of Killeen carrying a stick or I've seem people having to carry golf clubs for their own safety, Something is wrong. They don't feel protected even though the majority are paying through tax dollars in order to be so.

We heard through one Killeen City Council Candidate at forums with in the last weeks, she said Killeen is a good place to live, but I say, not so much any longer it seems, with all of the shootings, killings, robberies, and now 4 legged animals, the dogs, have taken over the streets.
Someone isn't doing the job a tax payer pay for.
And someone who is to supervise that it is done isn't doing theirs.


Hang onto your guns Texans! You need them with all the pit bulls running around. Actually, we all need to own a firearm with all the pits loose in the country...

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