The city of Killeen will add a third early voting location for its May municipal election.

During the past few years, City Attorney Kathy Davis said the city received numerous requests for an early voting location in the southern part of town.

The city’s current early voting locations are within two miles of each other at City Hall, on College Street, and the Killeen Community Center, at W.S. Young Drive and Veterans Memorial Boulevard.

“We have grown tremendously to the south and (residents), rightfully so, feel that it’s not fair that everyone has to come to the northern part of the city,” Davis said.

The council unanimously agreed at its Tuesday workshop meeting that a southern location was needed, deciding to use facilities at Lions Club Park on Stan Schlueter Loop.

Instead of eliminating an existing location, the majority opted to spend an extra $2,800 to add the third spot for the spring election.

Mayor Pro Tem Elizabeth Blackstone preferred only operating two early voting locations, rather than spending more money.

“I think we should eliminate one because we don’t have that many people that vote,” she said. “We have such a low voter turnout in Killeen.”

Councilman Terry Clark said he believed the city should “err on the side of caution” for now.

But following the May 10 municipal election, the City Hall early voting location will be shuttered. Davis said the majority of residents vote at the Killeen Community Center.

“(We should let) people who have used the City Hall location regularly for many years know that their location won’t be available anymore,” Clark said.

Early voting for the May 10 election is April 28 through May 6. Voters will decide on the mayor’s post and the three at-large council seats. Filing for those seats begins Jan. 29.

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