The Killeen City Council has the ability to guide the city’s growth and steer development in the way it deems best through its future land-use map and thoroughfare plan.

In 2010, the city adopted its comprehensive plan, which includes its future land-use map and thoroughfare plan to guide the city’s future.

“These plans set in place the framework that will determine land-use and development decisions in a way that will encourage quality development throughout the city,” said Ray Shanaa, director of planning. “Planning is the process of identifying issues and needs, establishing policies and goals and determining the most effective way to achieve.”

Shanaa said the plans allow the city to control future development rather than “reacting to change.”

In September, the council received a future land-use map and thoroughfare plan from the planning and zoning commission, but they weren’t satisfied with it and requested a return to the drawing table to rework both plans, Assistant City Manager John Sutton said.

Shanaa said growth in the community requires the city re-examine its plan, which he added is meant to be amended as needed.

Tony McIlwain, city planner, said some critical propositions the council will have to address as it reworks the plans are: Where is the city’s future in terms of what the market will absorb, and what residents and council members thoughts are on incorporating mixtures of residential land-use types. “That is a lot of what we will discuss going forward,” he said. “Various categories and looking at mixed uses.”

Shanaa said the council should be “realistic” in planning and take into account the city’s demands and needs moving forward.

He said when the future land-use map was created it was done so to include a variety of homes with “housing for all.”

Councilman Terry Clark said moving forward, he would like to see if the trends predicted in the comprehensive plan adopted in 2010 are true to what the trends actually are now.

“We don’t want to put the cart before the horse,” he said. “Where are we going or are we just tossing the coins up in the air and counting how many are heads and how many are tails without having a clear understanding of how population trends? Are we at a flat line for trend growth or are we still growing like we have been doing for the last 10 years?”

Shanaa said the planning and zoning committee developed its plan that was proposed to the council by looking at recent history and what trends have been over the past 20 years.

Council members at Thursday’s workshop meeting elected to go forward with reworking the plan by using the planning and zoning commission’s proposal, rather than using the 2010 plan as a starting point.

Sutton said the council is working with geographic information systems software to produce both plans, which includes several layers with a team at the meetings to make changes.

When the council is finished with its recommendations, the plans will go back to the planning and zoning commission where the public will have input before returning to the council for final approval.

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A plan that includes quality development would be a welcome change. It remains to be seen if this council & future ones will actually adhere to it instead of succumbing to greed. Building developments willy nilly has been the trend thus far. Council members claim they care about the city they live in but have done little in terms of building an aesthetically appealing Killeen for the future. Make plans & stick with them this time instead of rolling over to whims of those that want to build on every inch of land.

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