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Killeen City Council may no longer review plat requests to expedite process


In an effort to attract more investors to Killeen, city staff is proposing the City Council do away with reviewing platting requests.

Ray Shanaa, the city’s director of planning, said city staff is trying to improve its processes to become more business and developer friendly, and reduce processing times for investors to meet city regulations.

A request for a plat currently goes before the planning and zoning commission for approval and then advances to the council to be approved a second time.

“We feel in order to expedite development, as we know time is money, we want to encourage investors to come to Killeen, develop in Killeen and to expedite the process ... I think it would be best for everybody,” Shanaa said. “It would be less work for the council, less work for (city) staff and the developers would be better off.”

In accordance with state law, the planning and zoning commission is the governing body that oversees platting, unless a city ordinance requires it go before the council as well. If a plat meets the minimum requirements, state law mandates it be approved.

Shanaa said allowing the planning and zoning commission’s ruling to stand would move the development process forward more quickly. Shanaa said council members will receive regular updates on planning and zoning action regarding plats to keep them abreast.

The planning and zoning commission is not at liberty to take action on any issues that have a financial impact on the city.

The council will vote on the change in its 5 p.m. regular meeting today in the City Council Chambers, 101 N. College St.

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