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Killeen City Council names new director of public works

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Alvin: Those are very good questions, but apparently they don't have the talent on-board or they wouldn't have to go outside. Remember the fiasco of soliciting the past city manager? But I have another question; if the former Director of Public Works Director retired on October 18, and this is just October 31, 2013, the date of posting this announcement, and they advertised, received 33 resumes, interviewed 6 and selected the Deputy Attorney for Public Works to the position, Why? Wasn't that pretty fast? And what are his qualifications to serve as 'Public Works Department'? I'm not sure, but a legal degree won't suffice as pertains to functioning in an engineering environment. But there again, I'm not sure if the city manager is qualified to 'manage the design and construction' of a water plant. Maybe he can depend on his new, as he appointed him' Public Works Department head to assist him.

I'm sorry, but it is best to promote from within, not from without, and appointing a legal person to perform an engineering function is not, in my opinion, serving to instill personal pride within the public works department.

Thursday, October 31, 2013, 9:24 am


Pete: Why are Scott Cosper and Bill Parry interviewing candidates for employment? While they both seem to be very concerned about and involved in local and regional affairs, neither are paid or elected city officials. Seems the city would have enough internal expertise to conduct the interview process and not open itself up to the appearance of impropriety. A public works department can be subject to quid pro quo situations.

Thursday, October 31, 2013, 8:09 am