A local developer garnered the Killeen City Council’s support of rezoning almost 200 acres near the Killeen and Harker Heights city limits for a planned unit development at Tuesday’s regular meeting.

Killeen Chaparral Development LLC and RSBP Developers Inc. received consent from the city to rezone the 199.5 acres of land north of the right-of-way of Chaparral Road in South Killeen from an agricultural district, suburban residential single-family district and agricultural single-family residential district to a planned unit development.

Of the 199.5 acres rezoned, 67 will be set aside for the city’s use as a park.

“The property owners are wishing to construct single-family residences, and in doing so brought to the staff’s attention the benefits of the property and the unique site characteristics,” City Planner Tony McIlwain said. “It has a live water flow across the property, and (the developers) thought that might have some benefit as a park feature.”

City Manager Glenn Morrison said the park space would be a “work in progress.”

“There’s a reasonable park concept there,” he said. “There is a linear piece where you could see hiking and biking trails. Then you have the regional park that could potentially connect to an existing community park. I think we will see phasing with this.”

The council granted approval for the development after setting forth stipulations requiring the architecture of the homes to consist of 75 percent masonry and there be at least two canopy trees and eight three-gallon shrubs per lot.

Councilman Jared Foster said the space will be “a great asset for growth and it also represents the spirit of what a PUD is.”

Councilman Terry Clark said the property donated to the city by the developers is “incredibly beautiful.”

“The developer is spending a large sum of money cleaning up the land that he is willing to allow the city to use as a park,” he said. “It’s unbelievable even in its raw form.”

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Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

Anything for the developers...I just hope the developing plans stay as stated.


So, even more homes on the south side... Still waiting on more businesses to head this way; specifically restaurants and a supermarket. The city's growing further and further this way, but the only gas stations seem to be following.

But I guess the east end of Chaparral is closer to Harker Heights' business district anyway.

I do like the requirement of at least two trees on each lot; most of the time, you see only one.

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