The Killeen City Council will return to the drawing table next month to construct the city’s future land-use map.

John Sutton, assistant city manager, said the plan is to go through the future land-use map and the thoroughfare plan to “hopefully” gain approval from the council.

He said city officials met several times to “figure out” the best way to achieve approval for both the future land-use map and the thoroughfare plan.

The council was presented with two plans from the planning and zoning commission about two weeks ago, Sutton said, but they “weren’t all that happy.”

He said the council requested the plans be rethought and brought back.

Officials decided to work with geographic information systems to produce a future land-use map, he said. The GIS map will include a number of layers with the thoroughfare and annexation plans.

“What we have done with GIS is we worked out an interactive means,” Sutton said at Tuesday’s council workshop meeting.

“We will have maps of the future land-use map laid in front of (the council.) As we go around the table and discuss what we want to do, they will be able to make changes to that map on the fly.”

Council members will look at various aspects of the map determining what they like or don’t like about the plan.

Once the council is satisfied with the future land-use map, the thoroughfare plan will be laid atop the future land-use map for changes to be made.

“We will also be able to, hopefully, overlay a topographical, too, so that (the council) will be able to get a better feeling for where roads will be going and why they may or may not be able to go in a certain location,” Sutton said.

Once the maps are agreed upon, they will be produced. They then go back before the planning and zoning commission before finally returning to the council.

“We will take it in small bits and work it through logically,” he said. “I want everyone to be comfortable with the process we have laid out.”

Sutton said the city will hold meetings until the council is pleased with the results. The first meeting is slated for 5 p.m. Oct. 17.

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