By Anthony Scott

Killeen Daily Herald

After being outvoted concerning council board appointments at a Tuesday meeting, Councilman Billy Workman was left crying foul.

Workman pointed out that Councilman Scott Cosper nominated his cousin to the planning and zoning commission at the meeting when council voted on board appointments.

Workman was the only one to vote against approving the nominations. He was outvoted 4-1.

Councilmen Ken Wells and Juan Rivera were absent from Tuesday's meeting.

Workman said Cosper, of development company Cosper Homes, nominated his cousin Craig Langford to be reinstated to the planning and zoning board.

"He is a cousin and that has absolutely no bearing on it," Cosper said. "He is absolutely dead wrong if he is trying to accuse (me of) any nepotism. He (Langford) has served on planning and zoning as a commissioner for years."

According to Texas statues, nepotism includes anyone up to the third degree of relationship, which can include parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, great-grandparents, great-grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. Cousins fall to the fourth degree.

Discussions to appoint board members come at a crossroad for the city, where council and city staff are working toward possibly creating board term limits.

In a pre-council workshop Tuesday afternoon, discussion of term limits was scheduled to continue, but was delayed because of a lack of time.

Change order

Avoiding a conflict of interest, JoAnn Purser stepped down from voting and discussion when the council approved a change order for her father-in-law's company, Gary W. Purser Construction LTD.

The order gave an additional $33,800 for the completion of a Trimmier Road project.

Workman inquired about the expenditure, noting that this was the second change order for the project, the first of which was for about $30,500 to extend the sidewalk.

City staff said the second change order would add money so the contractor could extend water lines, replace hydrants and make improvements to land-owner driveways in exchange for donations of rights of way.

About 63 attended the meeting, with less than 20 staying for the end. No one spoke at a public hearing, where council unanimously approved city staff's plan to approve minor plats, which consist of plots smaller than two acres that will not require additional city infrastructure or land.

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