By Anthony Scott

Killeen Daily Herald

The Killeen City Council excused itself from the 13 people attending its Tuesday workshop to go into executive session to discuss the duties of its newly appointed interim city manager.

In the saddle as the interim is former Assistant City Manager Glenn Morrison, who sat at the head of council's u-shaped conference table with Mayor Tim Hancock.

The closed-door session was off limits to the public so whatever went on would be conjecture. What is known is that Morrison has run the operations of the city for the last week.

The change comes a week after a council meeting when council members JoAnn Purser, Ernest Wilkerson, Scott Cosper and Kenny Wells approved buying out former City Manager Connie Green for $750,000.

Councilmen Larry Cole, Juan Rivera and Billy Workman opposed the buyout.

Before Tuesday's closed session, Killeen police Chief Dennis Baldwin spoke to the council and briefed them about the realities of the department's police academy becoming a regional training academy.

Baldwin said it is unlikely such a venture would be profitable, and doing so poses a risk to bringing down the standards of the police academy.

"Benefits undermine the current mission at the time," Baldwin said.

Baldwin said he'd rather maintain the current academic standards at the academy, which he believed are higher than many surrounding entities.

If Killeen became a regional training facility, it would mean involved departments would have to form a consensus with it on what the standards were. This could potentially lower the standards, he said.

Baldwin recommended the council allow him to pursue discussion regarding becoming an open academy to allow area police departments to send potential officers for education. This would allow them to still use the facility to train and allow Killeen to maintain authority for setting its academic standards.

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