Killeen city officials are requesting the council’s approval to purchase a small piece of land in downtown for a “pocket park.”

The vacant lot at 209 E. Avenue C, was put up for public auction by the Bell County Sheriff’s Department for delinquent taxes, but the property didn’t receive a sufficient bid. According to city documents, the property is currently entrusted to the Tax Appraisal District of Bell County, the city of Killeen, Killeen Independent School District, Central Texas College and Bell County.

Charlotte Humphreys, the city’s downtown project manager, said the city is responsible for the maintenance of the property, which incurred more than $8,600 in liens and nearly $1,800 in unpaid taxes. The unpaid taxes are due to the county, Central Texas College, Killeen ISD and the Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District.

Humphreys said as part of the city’s revitalization of downtown, the 20-foot by 150-foot lot would “be a great asset to the city of Killeen as public park space given its location in downtown,” she said. “With additional lighting and outdoor picnic-style seating and an area for children to play. This property will complement the area businesses and pedestrian traffic downtown.”

She said upon the council’s approval, the other entities with vested interest in the property would be asked to forego their financial interest and deed the property to the city.

The acquisition of the property is estimated to cost the city $10,476.

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[sad]pleases do not invest any more of our tax dollars in that area. the drug dealers and hookers might like a place to hang out, but my money needs to go to a more worthwhile project.

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