A Fort Hood mother is demanding answers, accountability and an apology from school officials after she said her 11-year-old daughter received a threat of sexual assault from an older student.

“I’m having a sit-down with the school (today),” said Jessica Lux, who recently moved with her family to Fort Hood. Her daughter attends Smith Middle School.

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On KWTX news channel 10 web site there is a news clip of Mr. Craft addressing the public on improvements needed in KISD- it is titled-"Killeen: KISD Unveils Plan To Address Special Education Issues". This was a very humble and sincere sounding admission. I believe KISD is on the right track. Parents should continue to keep their own factual documentation of problems they encounter. Bring a reliable friend/witness to take notes on what is said and done to any meeting. It sounds like the district is taking notice and moving forward with positive changes.


When meeting with anyone at the school or district bring a reliable witness with you to help write down what is said and what is done for your personal records.


Parents need to document incidents beyond the school district. Keep strictly to facts. Quoting exactly what was stated and photographs of any injuries-along with physician, counselor reports, costs of co-pays for professional services the victim receives. Keep written dates, times, place/address/location/ of the occurance-names and ages-phone numbers, known addresses of all persons involved and witnesses. Taking it to media, Texas education agency, police, local and state government, possibly federal-The majority of our school district receive federal funding because a large percentage of students are military dependents. The more incidents that are reported seriously and factually-will be the catalyst for change in culture with KISD system. This is a system problem. There are failures in structured planning and procedures for discipline guidlines at the lowest level. There should be documentation at every level-what happened, the course of action to take according to structured guidlines, etc. Parents of victims and perpetrators should have access to their own son or daughters documented discipline records. Just one or two documented reports won't make change happen. Everyone that has a current or future problem needs to report and keep factual documentation beyond the district level and future change will then occur.

I Am

Bullying isn't new to Killeen Independent School District so they ought to have learned from past errors and not responsive to the victims involved!
A number of years past (1978/79 school year) one of my daughters was pushed from behind getting off a school bus at Killeen High School. Her brother who also was on the bus addressed the individuals that were responsible for this incident. It was a family of 5 boys three of which were involved at this altercation. The school district had numerous complaints about the assaultive nature occurring daily involving this family's children.
My son standing up and protecting His sister as he should have against these three individuals was suspended until a hearing could take place. The boys were allowed to return to school immediately.
Approximately 7 days passed before a hearing was held. The boys involved father and mother were present as was My wife, son and Myself.
When the hearing began My son was on trial and being question by board members when the father interrupted the questioning and asked my son who helped him during the altercation and the answer was no one. The father apologized to My son and our family and said he was ashamed that three of his sons got licked by one boy.
The school board hearing ended in a angry uproar from people in the galley wanting to know why it was my son on trial rather than these boys. No one ever received a answer to this question nor was any form of apology offered to my son or any member of my family.
What did happen was my son was jumped by the three after school one day on Fort Hood where we resided. Fortunately one of His friends assisted this time and proceeded to whop the aggressors. The Military police came took all the boys involved to the MP Station. After receiving a call and arriving at the station the desk sgt explained what had taken place and what the interviews of all the boys and a couple of adult witnesses who followed the MP's to the Station it was determined that the three did once again jump on My son and lost. After a hearing on post by some governing body concerning post housing rules this family was removed from post housing and they left the Killeen area.
So after this long period of time three more High Schools and numerous Middles schools have been added to the educational need of the community but it is still business as usual for those that are supposed to set the rules and cause them to be enforced. Even adding Police to the Schools to provide Official support for the teachers and administration the system is still the same as yesterday year. Change in attitudes need to occur if children are to receive an education without the worry of being attacked or assaulted.
Sorry for the long narrative but hope it will help some other family in the future if the school system stands up to it's responsibility rather than succumbing to political correctness.

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

Where's the ZERO tolerance KISD talked about a couple of years ago...is that out the window too...


Don't assume criminal acts at school will be dealt with by any ISD administrator. If your child is the victim of a criminal act, such as the terroristic threat in this case, report it to the police. Don't assume the school will do it. You make a direct complaint.
There is also a section of the prosecutors office called Victim's Assistance who will investigate and, when appropriate, file formal charges against threats of violence. You can contact them directly as well. (Bell County)
Isn't it disconcerting that in todays classroom you can threaten to rape someone and suffer no harsher penalty than being late for class while at the same time another student is expelled for wearing an American flag T-Shirt.


There is no other course of action except for parents to go to the media for the documentation and recognition that KISD administrators don't do anything about bullying. Can police reports also be made? I would encourage all parents to file as much documentation as they can and report these issues beyond the district. Texas Education Agency, police, write letters to your congress person. Reporting beyond the district is obviously the only way change will happen. The more documentation there is-the more proof there is. If there is no documentation of these incidents-this culture will continue within KISD. We demand a better environment for the education of the children in our community. They are the future. Lets make them ALL good upstanding citizens. This is the RESPONSIBILITY of parents AND educators. When our kids are victimized they should feel that they can report it to persons of authority and know that ACTIONS are made against perpetrators to help victims feel safe enough to learn in the classroom.


With all the national attention on anti-bullying-You would think our district would have a better action plan. It sounds like bully's have more rights than victims in our district. Do "bully's" just sit for 3 days in school suspension and return to class like buisness as usual? What kind of learning do they recieve in school suspension? Do they write an apology to the victim as well as their parents on both sides? Do they learn that these types of actions can land them in jail once they are adults? Do they have to research and write a paper on "what is sexual harrassment"? Is there some kind of mandatory worksheet the perpetrator has to bring home-so parents/guardians have to address these points of bad behavior with their kid? Why isn't there some kind of after school work program? Remember back in the old days when you did something bad and you had to go paint the shed or mow the yard? I am sure there are tasks the school janitor would be happy to give bad kids. It would be interesting to know what in school suspension is all about. It sounds like a regular classroom for bad students. It should be a type of classroom they don't want to return to and they learn something about what they did. I can understand why my daughter told me-"It's not even worth reporting bullying because administrators don't do anything about it." That's why victims find a gun and go to school-they feel defenseless and take action into their own hands. Pay attention KISD and take better actions for the victims. Ask victims how they feel and what they want to happen. Maybe they are not comfortable being in the same class-let alone the same school. What's an 11 and 13 year old doing in the same class anyways? Sounds like this 13 year old has "issues" that might need addressing in an alternative school setting.

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