By Justin Cox

Killeen Daily Herald

In the past month, Killeen Mayor Tim Hancock has more than doubled his campaign budget by pulling in more contributions since April 10 than any other candidate.

The $4,470 he's reeled in since puts his total at $8,165, but it is still a lower total than former Mayor Maureen Jouett's, who added $1,790 to her campaign chest, putting her over $9,500 in total contributions.

The current and former mayors are the only candidates receiving any sort of significant financial contributions as Lahr Parsons and Harold Butchart have a combined political contribution total of $39.99.

Hancock said he appreciates the money he's received from those who have donated to his campaign; the key fact is that he is looking for support during his mayoral tenure, not just during his candidacy.

"I'm not asking for donations, I'm asking for votes," Hancock said Saturday, the day after the finance report deadline came due. "Don't give me your support, give me your vote. When I'm elected, I need your support to help the city move forward."

Part of his support comes from the Central Texas Homebuilders Association, which recently endorsed Hancock, along with several council candidates.

Jouett said she has never garnered public support from the homebuilders, not even during her six years as mayor.

"The homebuilders have never endorsed me, and I've never held it against them," Jouett said. "I might not have always agreed with them, but I have always been fair."

Those endorsing Hancock with financial contributions since April 10 include Horace Grace, Eula Beck, Celia Boswell, Jack Barnes, Home Pac, Bill Yowell, Robert Shoemaker, Rancier Reality, Juan Rivera, William Shine, Betty Langford, Samuel Kanouse, Anthony Williams, Linda Foster, Lisa Humphreys, Kathy Gilmore, Bob Gilmore, Betsy Hilliard, Helen Purser and Joseph Bufford.

Those endorsing Jouett since April 10 include Lillian Blankenship, Samuel and Dalena Kanouse, Rochelle Luster, Dr. Lavelle and Roberta Ford, Paul Liu, Eleonora Santana and Charles Ashley.

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