The city of Killeen has named its new executive director of finance.

Martie Simpson was chosen for the post after serving as the city’s interim finance director for more than seven months.

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A financial director is very important for a private company or for a public institution. He is the one who decides how much a company can spend on investments and how to manage the annual budget. Individuals resort to financial services Los Angeles, for instance, if someone wants a student loan, but the companies have already an expert working for them.


A financial director has many responsibilities, so, he always must be attentive when he does his job.

el residente

Well, Glenn is starting to look more and more like Marlon Brando (in his later years, of course)...

Randy Johnson

Marti, Marti, Marti...Why, Why, Why??? I didn't ever think that you would fall into the corruptness of which you have. Or have you always been part of it? Thought you were better than that!!!!!

Max, el residente, Victor and Brian...Ya'll have hit it on the nose again...Sounds like the City of Killeen is run by the Mafia....

el residente

They definitely like to keep their dirt close - closer than two first cousins from Arkansas - no offense to Arkansas, of course...


"Of those who applied for the position, Simpson was the only qualified applicant who currently works at the city, said Hilary Shine, city spokeswoman."

I think it's clear that they wouldn't want someone from the outside. Barbara Gonzales was the previous Finance Director who was terminated for trying to require Glenn Morrison to follow the laws and rules. He wanted to break the rules and spend the taxpayer's dollars as he chose, generally for his own personal gain and for the benefit of his closest cohorts.

Martie supported Glenn in his efforts. If you remember the old KDH article, her son is also the one who videotaped the summer camp activities that led to the firing of Glenn's former girlfriend of 14 yrs, which led to the taxpayers providing her a settlement in excess of $30,000.

The city likes to keep their dirt in-house and it's better to have people who are already accustomed to covering up for you - and even have some dirt of their own, making them indebted to you. It should be no suprise that the city conveniently moved this person into this slot, even though she was overlooked for this position two times in the past. She's getting this position now because she is part of the administration under Glenn who supports and condones his misconduct. The Finance Director plays a key role and can greatly impact Glenn's ability to break the laws. If they brought someone in from the outside, that person might not be as willing to overlook the numerous areas of non-compliance within the financial area that have been referenced in the lawsuit, and previously referenced in external audits.

Since the Personnel Hearing Board recommended in a unanimous vote that Mrs. Gonzales be reinstated, this is just another example of Glenn doing what he wants for his own self-serving reasons, and disregarding what is right, at the expense of the taxpayers.


Try to remember that the city only puts who they want in key positions. Council just has to vote on who has been deemed good enough to be finance director as a formality.


The Council has not voted on this topic yet (they vote this evening). I don't know how this article gets published before they vote to approve this recommended appointment. Does the Council's vote even matter at this point?

I guess Martie gets what she wants. Just know that someone knows how you got the position and that in the end they will judge you. I hope you can live with that.

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