By Lisa Soule

Killeen Daily Herald

Revenue from city of Killeen permit fees have topped the million-dollar mark since January, with almost a month left to go until the end of the calendar year.

This years numbers have already set a calendar-year record at $1.01 million, said Judy Payne, office supervisor for Killeen Community Services.

Last years record-setting calendar year saw about $956,000 in permit-fee revenue.

Permits for single-family homes and large commercial projects are boosting the numbers.

Last month, Killeen issued permits for 104 single-family homes. The largest number on record in any month is 123.

Payne said that by the end of the year, Killeen will likely top 2002 numbers, when the city issued permits for 1,123 single-family homes.

Commercial projects have also been booming, Payne said. Big-dollar projects, at more than $1 million each, have upped the city revenue.

A $5 million addition to the Killeen Daily Herald, the $6 million Stone Ranch Apartment project on Rancier and a remodel at Ellison High School topped the list of commercial construction permits.

New businesses, including Rosas Cafe and businesses under construction, such as the Royal Inn and TownPlace Suites, also bolstered revenue.

The city also fared well with permit revenue as it closed out its books for the fiscal year which ended Sept. 30.

City Finance Director Connie Green said $808,000 in permit fees had been projected in the budget, but about $1.06 million was actually collected.

Killeen Assistant City Manager Bill Doss attributed the higher-than-projected revenues to the growth that continues to be evident throughout the city.

Building continues to be beyond anything we really anticipated this year, Doss said. We have been projecting and watching. Our expectations over the last couple of years is that with 23,000-plus soldiers not being here things would naturally slow down. But they have not.

Despite continuous deployments, the city has seen steady growth, not only in permit fees, but also in sales tax revenue.

We continue to set records, Doss said. Its certainly a sign that things are that good.

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