Extended construction along U.S. Highway 190 has led to increased traffic enforcement by the Killeen Police Department in select areas.

On Tuesday, the department issued 121 speeding tickets in a four-hour span during a detail of several patrol officers to an area on U.S. 190 undergoing extensive construction.

Officers targeted the area where the Rosewood Drive bridge is being constructed and the Texas Department of Transportation is widening U.S. 190.

“We are having to deal with all this construction, and that is an area where people tend to speed a lot anyway,” Killeen police spokeswoman Carroll Smith said. “Most of the time when we get a great amount of complaints, we’ll try to come in and do something.”

The department issued a total of 135 citations and made one arrest for an unrelated warrant during the special traffic detail.

Smith said this type of enforcement will periodically continue while U.S. 190 is under construction.

“This is going to be going on for a long time,” Smith said.

“Because speeding can get somebody hurt or seriously killed, at no point do we consider this to be a speed trap.”

Fines will sting lead-footed drivers worse than usual if construction crews are present on work zones, as they were during Tuesday’s detail. Texas law dictates that fines double in work zones while crews are present.

Smith said drivers also need to be educated about a new state law regarding TxDOT vehicles. Beginning Sept. 1, all TxDOT vehicles parked in the shoulder of roads are now treated in the same way as law enforcement vehicles.

Drivers on an adjacent lane must either slow to 20 mph under the speed limit or change lanes.

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They need to be patrolling the school zones! It never fails, every single time I am driving through a school zone and the lights are blinking to inform drivers to obey the posted speed limit in the school zone, there is always someone zooming right on by going at least the normal speed or even above the speed limit and just totally ignoring the 'active' school zone's speed limit! These are children's lives that are potentially at risk! Yes, the driver would be the responsible one in the event there would be an accident, It is the police officer's DUTY and PURPOSE of their job to ensure the safety of others and to reprimand and punish the ones that are breaking the law, ESPECIALLY when it does have the potential of putting other lives in danger. It makes me angry to see that less than a mile down the road, there are two patrol cars parked side by side in a parking lot while the officers are chatting. They need to be doing their job and cracking down on these people that can't slow down, be cautious and obey the law while driving in an 'active' school zone! Nice to know our tax dollars are paying for such officers to sit roadside and chat!


I got a ticket for 'passing a barrier', when I told them that the speed limit sign was 38 yards off the road. Regulations state it must be within 6 feet of the payment. They got mad when I told them they almost ran over me when they were darting into traffic. They were like sharks in bloody water. I guess its against the law to talk to cops. I will fight the ticket.


A speed trap? If you are speeding you are not obeying the law and should get a ticket.


wow, again no proofreading from this RAG, seriously killed?


"seriously killed" got my attention too. All this time I've been worried about being killed regularly... Now I have to worry about being *seriously* killed. Geez.


Found the last 2 paragraphs to be interesting. Why is there laws for TxDot and peace officers,that require us to slow down or move over, but not for the citizens they serve?


This is good to know. Now if somehow KPD would just give speeding tickets not because of road construction but because people are speeding period!


I agree, I don't understand why people can break the law and speed and then the police say we are giving out tickets on such and such a day, give them a ticket whenever they are speeding. I am almost scared to drive on that road now because of the way. It's almost like the movie that one day a year they could commit a crime and not get punished for it, but here people can drive like idiots and only get punished occassionaly.

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