Street repair crews will begin applying sealant today on Robert E. Lee Drive, Nimitz Circle and Cypress Drive in Killeen.

Crews will work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily to apply “slurry seal” to designated roadways. The project will continue until the work on the 17 streets on the list is complete.

The sealant is preventive maintenance that extends street life and allows for a smoother ride, city spokeswoman Hilary Shine said.

She said residents in impacted areas will be given additional notice before their street is sealed.

Traffic will be routed around work zones while crews are present. Residents in impacted areas cannot park in the street.

The streets in order of service are:

Today: Robert E. Lee Drive from Lake Road to Shoemaker Drive; Nimitz Circle from Lake Road to Shoemaker Drive and Cypress Drive from Kirk Drive to 38th Street.

Wednesday: U.S. Grant Drive from Shoemaker Drive to Lake Road; Sierra Drive from Cypress Drive to Kirk Avenue; Continental Drive from W.S. Young Drive to no outlet; Sherman Drive from Coach Drive to Simon Drive and Sherman Drive from Lake Road to Coach Drive.

Thursday: Eisenhower Drive from Shoemaker Drive to Lake Road; Kirk Drive from Lake Road to Willowbend Drive; Kirk Drive from Willowbend Road to Persimmon Drive; Mona Drive from Grasslands Drive to Bermuda Drive and Lennox Avenue from Bermuda Drive to Belmont.

Friday: Dickens from Lake Road to Westcliff Road; Rev. R.A. Abercrombie Drive from Zephyr Road to Terrace Drive; Rev. R.A. Amercrombie Drive from Terrace Drive to Veteran’s Memorial and Cranford Avenue from 38th Street to 3403 Cranford Avenue.

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