Flights in and out of the Killeen/Fort Hood Regional Airport have been suspended due to a military aircraft being disabled on the runway, according to city spokeswoman Hilary Shine.

Military crews are currently working to remove the plane from the runway, but it is expected to take anywhere from four to six hours.

Shine said approximately a dozen flights will be affected by the delay.

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The aircraft was a C-5, the largest aircraft in the Air Force inventory. They routinely practice approaches and landings at Killeen/Fort Hood Regional Airport. These aircraft have used this airport for many years. Over the years they've had problems from time to time and either have to land or leave and go back to their home base in San Antonio. Since the problem was detected on the ground this time they opted to stop rather than risk another takeoff.
Now, here's the rub; the airport is not equipped with a tug capable of moving an aircraft of this size and weight on the ground. If the aircraft can't operate on it's own power then it's stuck until the Air Force can bring in equipment capable for the job.
Isn't it funny how an airport that routinely handles large heavy aircraft has no means by which to move one of those aircraft should they become disabled. This has been a problem at this airport for more than thirty years. But don't the flowers look nice!


My sister was suppose to leave tomorrow but was told the airport would be closed tomorrow but they didn't know why!! She re-booked her flight for Friday. Updates from the KDH would be nice, terrible of the aircraft and the type of aircraft would have been nice too.


American Eagle didn't offer to bus us anywhere, no offer for food vouchers or help with a rental car. They didn't even apologize for the inconvenience. They need some serious training on customer service and empathy statements. Why bus passengers to Waco? The flight was scheduled to land in Killeen, so why not bus us there? A total fail for American Eagle.


All the more reason for a commercial airport, upon which the traveling public must depend, have more than one runway.
What ever happened to the plans to enlarge this airport?

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