By Rose Luna

Killeen Daily Herald

As of Thursday, the Killeen Independent School District reported 35,861 students currently enrolled – nearly 99 percent of what the district anticipated.

"We'll probably exceed our projection this year," said Dr. Robert Muller, assistant superintendent for administration and operations.

The new figures for KISD enrollment show there are 1,118 more students during the first week of school than at last year's enrollment peak.

Muller said the increased enrollment is due to the new eligibility for military dependents entering pre-kindergarten and overall community growth.

"Each year our projection and enrollment figures increase at the same rate," Muller said. "It's to be expected. Killeen is a growing community."

According to Muller, late-registration students have been coming in at an average rate.

"Everything has been going smoothly," he said. "It's nothing that we weren't prepared for."

With nearly 700 more pre-K students than average, KISD hired extra staff and made preparations over the summer. But many teachers are being moved to accommodate schools that have more pre-K enrollment than others.

"We'll know more about where we are next week," Muller said on the teacher-to-student ratio. "We'll probably have to hire more teachers."

The Texas Education Agency requires the student-to-teacher ratio for pre-kindergarten to be 20-to-1 and the ratio for kindergarten through fourth grade to be 22-to-1, Muller said.

KISD has until Sept. 6 to comply with the TEA requirement. Muller said he feels the district has plenty of time to hire more teachers, if necessary.

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