By Hailey Persinger

Killeen Daily Herald

Five years after taking office as Killeen city manager, Connie Green will undergo his third performance evaluation during Tuesday's pre-council workshop.

Green's contract with the city calls for an annual evaluation but the item has not reached a city council agenda since April 2007.

Mayor Timothy Hancock said the council never intentionally skipped Green's evaluation and that recurring items like yearly evaluations can get lost in the hubbub of budget season, special interests and projects the city takes on for months at a time.

"Blame it on me," he said. "I've not asked for one. Sometimes things slip. You get busy and you don't do it."

But this year, council members have managed to find time amidst ongoing debates regarding city employee health insurance and what to do with the former First Baptist Church property in downtown Killeen, issues that have made Green the target of blame by some council members and city workers.

Each council member completes individual evaluations before the entire group convenes to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the city manager's decisions and management of city operations.

Evaluations are typically held during a closed session. According to evaluation guidelines, however, the official being evaluated has the option of requesting that it be carried into an open meeting.

Green expects the evaluation to be civil, but he said that if it takes a "sour" turn, he plans to halt the meeting and ask council members to reconvene in open session.

Though the council has the power to vote the city manager out of office at any time, Hancock said that is not the point of a yearly evaluation.

"After the evaluation is over, it's over," he said.

A negative review does not necessarily mean the loss of a job for Green just as a positive review does not necessarily mean Green will receive a raise based on his performance as city manager. While the council could take action to do either, Hancock said Tuesday's evaluation looks to be one that will move the entire council forward rather than just affecting Green individually.

"It's just a normal annual evaluation that happens to be a bit late," he said. "For whatever reason the council didn't remind me and the staff got busy."

Though Green's contract stipulates that council members evaluate him annually, City Attorney Kathy Davis said the lack of one is not technically violating the contract. At any time, Green could have brought up the lack of evaluation to the council and vice versa.

"It's a contract between the two parties," she said. "Just like with any other contract, if one party in the contract wants to bring it up, they can."

Green has been employed with the city since 1990 when he signed on as director of finance. From 2000 to 2005, he acted as assistant city manager of administrative services while maintaining his post as finance director before he was appointed as city manager in 2005.

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