The Women's Center at King's Daughters

Dr. Marcos Sosa shows off the newly opened women’s center at King’s Daughters Clinic on Thursday in Harker Heights.

HARKER HEIGHTS — On a typical day, Dr. Marisol Carpio-Solis sees about 30 patients for a variety of health care reasons ranging from pregnancy to menopause.

The board-certified physician is an OB/GYN at the new Women’s Center of King’s Daughters Clinic that opened Thursday in Harker Heights.

Carpio-Solis moved from New York to Central Texas about six years ago in search of a more physician-friendly community.

“One of my major wants was to have a modernized OB/GYN environment,” she said. “It’s a great place for babies to be delivered.”

The booming population was a key reason she wanted to expand into the area. The team of physicians partnered with Seton Medical Center to provide healthy childbirth alternatives, she said.

“You have a tub in each room that’s more private where a patient in labor can bathe in the tub as we go through the labor process,” Carpio-Solis said, adding that one nurse is assigned to each patient in order to build a close bond during the childbirth process.

After delivery, newborns are allowed to stay in their mothers’ rooms at all times, she said.

“It’s very open and welcoming and family friendly,” said Dr. Marcos Sosa, OB/GYN. “We have things for the kids to do while their mom is getting taken care of and things for their husbands to do.”

King’s Daughters recruited Sosa in August, and he worked at the Killeen clinic while the women’s center prepared to open.

He said their services cater to women of all ages, from teenagers to senior citizens.

“We do prenatal care, well women exams, treat women for infertility to help them get pregnant and treat post-menopausal disorders,” Sosa said. “We are super compassionate and we care for women from all walks of life.”

Mammography screenings, ultrasounds and minimally invasive surgery also are available at the women’s center.

The new clinic is at 2025 Memory Lane, Suite 500, Harker Heights.

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