By Andy Ross

Killeen Daily Herald

The Killeen Independent School District confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that two students riding a bus to Saegert Elementary School on Tuesday morning were both found to have a knife.

Confirmation of the incident came after the Killeen Daily Herald contacted the school district about reports from parents that weapons had been discovered on a bus.

"On Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010, two students were in possession of prohibited knives. The discovery was made while the students were en route to school on district provided transportation. The situation was dealt with immediately. The campus will apply the provisions contained in the KISD student Code of Conduct," KISD spokeswoman Leslie Gilmore said in a news release.

Gilmore said she could not confirm the ages of the two students, the type of knives found or what disciplinary action was taken. She stressed that reports of a gun also being found on the bus were not true.

"There was no gun on the bus," Gilmore said.

She said KISD does not have a uniform policy across the district for notifying parents when a weapon is found on school property.

"It is the principal's discretion whether or not to send the note home," Gilmore said when asked if letters are normally issued to parents. "It depends on the situation, and in this situation everything was taken care of immediately and the students were taken from the bus to administrative offices."

Deirdra Tristan, a parent of a Saegert kindergarten student, said she was not pleased with the response from KISD. Contacted late Wednesday afternoon, Tristan said she still had received no notice from KISD that an incident had taken place.

"I would have preferred to have been notified yesterday, considering the fact I heard it from the grapevine and still haven't heard from the school district themselves," Tristan said. "I think that's pretty unprofessional. Whether or not it was a gun or a knife, and knowing that two children were involved, it means there was some type of planning to it, and that upsets me. It's very disheartening the school has not done anything to notify parents. Whether or not they have a legal obligation to tell us or investigate, they still have to guarantee the safety of my child."

Tuesday's incident came a week after an 18-year-old female student at KISD's Pathways Academic Campus was arrested for reportedly bringing a knife to the school.

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