By Rebecca LaFlure

Killeen Daily Herald

Corbett Lawler has poured more money into his campaign than any other candidate vying for a seat on the Killeen Independent School District board, reporting $4,736 spent during the final month of election season.

KISD officials released the second of three sets of campaign finance reports detailing the amount of money each KISD school board candidate spent on their campaign between April 7 and April 30.

Lawler, a retired educator who's running against Martin Allen and T.J. Carson for the Place 3 seat, has reported almost $6,400 in expenditures for the entire campaign season.

Garnering $1,980 in political contributions in the past month, Lawler spent most of the money at Dynamic Designs for signs, posters, cards and name tags, and spent almost $1,800 in newspaper ads.

Allen, also a retired educator, reported an additional $1,623 on campaign spending, which mostly went to newspaper ads including one in a Korean newspaper. He's spent a total of $3,785.

Allen received most of his $3,125 worth of donations during the first few weeks of his campaign, collecting only $190 in the past month.

T.J. Carson, a retired military officer and Place 3 candidate, had not turned in his latest campaign finance report as of press time.

He previously reported having received $1,017 in campaign contributions, and spending $617 on printing business cards, fliers and a sign.

Minerva Trujillo, a retired educator, and Otis Evans, a former Killeen city councilman, are competing for the Place 6 seat this year.

Evans reported an additional $1,180 in political contributions, a significant boost from the $100 in donations he reported in the first few weeks of election season.

The increase included a $50 donation from Shelley Wells, a current board member who's running uncontested this year.

Evans spent about $850 on his campaign in the last month of the election season, including $150 on food for a fundraiser.

His opponent, Trujillo, reported no political contributions in the last month, but spent an additional $1,039 on newspaper ads and campaign signs and flyers.

Incumbents Wells and Butch Menking are running uncontested this year. Wells reported collecting about $1,100 in donations during the first few weeks of the campaign season. She listed no expenditures.

Menking had not turned in a campaign finance report as of press time.

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