By Andy Ross

Killeen Daily Herald

Closing out Tuesday's Killeen Independent School District Education Foundation luncheon, KISD Superintendent Robert Muller told the audience "you have it right."

The object of Muller's reference was the foundation's consistent focus over the years on supporting innovative classroom experiences through monetary support.

"What you do lets teachers unleash their creativity and allows their dreams to come to fruition," Muller said.

Through contributions from individuals and businesses, as well as fundraising, the education foundation generates funds that are distributed to classrooms and teachers each year. Since its establishment in 2001, the nonprofit organization has given out more than $900,000 in grants, according to information from the luncheon. Most recently, in the spring of 2010, $49,668 was awarded to KISD classrooms.

Just one of the recent grants was $5,000 to Reeces Creek Elementary School for a program called

"Spiders, Bats & Things that go Bump in the Night!"

That idea, proposed by Reeces Creek teacher Jayne

Doxsey, involved taking 300 students camping for a night on a ranch south of Killeen. On Tuesday, Doxsey was honored with the Innovator of the Year award presented by Education Foundation President Bobby Hoxworth.

"You changed lives, their lives and each of the teachers who went on the trip," Doxsey told the audience as she offered her thanks. "It was a powerful, powerful, day."

Another educator honored at the luncheon was Julia Mallet of Shoemaker High School, who was presented the Charles Patterson Living Legacy Scholarship.

Dozens of community partners who led the way with financial contributions in 2009-10 were also recognized by Hoxworth and the foundation's director, Carol Mills.

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