Killeen Animal Control Supervisor Stacie Sherva is seen in a 2010 file photo.

Killeen police are investigating the city’s Animal Control supervisor, who was placed on paid leave Friday while police determine whether animals were properly cared for at the facility.

Police spokeswoman Carroll Smith would not elaborate on any details of the ongoing investigation of Killeen Animal Control Manager Stacie Sherva.

However, a news release said the Killeen Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division is investigating allegations that Sherva broke department policies for the proper care of animals and management of personnel.

Killeen police Commander Lee Caufield assumed command of the Animal Control Unit while police conduct the investigation. Caufield also serves on the city’s Animal Advisory Committee.

Sherva has been with Killeen Animal Control, a division of the police department, for five years.

She worked for numerous animal control departments and shelters throughout Williamson and Bell counties before being hired by the city.

Sherva manages a staff of about 10 animal control officers and office staff at the Animal Control Center, a two-building facility at 3118 Commerce Drive.

Killeen Animal Control is a kill shelter that euthanizes about 40 percent of the animals housed there, Sherva said in 2010.

The facility typically houses dogs and cats, though it is equipped to shelter other animals.

The facility takes in stray and abandoned animals. It also vaccinates and adopts out animals. Staff also work in conjunction with several nonprofits.

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I adopted my dog almost 4 years ago from the Killeen Animal shelter and my experience was much different. It seemed clean and well run or I would not have taken an animal from them, and I have been to several shelters
Animal control is one of the most brutal and sad businesses to be in. You get the worst of the worst, budget constraints, and people dumping animals. The general public has no idea and all the people who complain about the care of animals have no idea what it takes to take an animal from these horrid conditions to health. Most people could not last a week in these jobs. My experience at the Killeen animal shelter was far different than the other posts. The people I found that were rude and had an attitude were some of the staff; they didn’t really seem to care. You can always point fingers in a world like animal control; it’s a never ending cycle of abused animals that arrive at a shelter
I adopted my dog years ago, so are you saying she mistreated animals for years???? Where is the management on this matter? The police department is over this facility says right on the website? You think people would abuse animals or mistreat people right under the polices noses? Good cop work if they let that happen. Where were all the other employees if all the animals were mistreated…? Shelters are under the care of all the employees, this accusation is shameful!!!!


I'm glad someone finally listened about her. I had bad vibes from her when I volunteered when she first started working there. She has a major attitude and was mean not only to the animals but to the staff as well. I hope that she gets what she deserves. God don't like ugly...


If she has been mean to the animals ,the Killeen citizens don't want any one like that working around them. Employees can always inform, the animals are helpless.

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