By Philip Jankowski

Killeen Daily Herald

In anticipation of Maj. Nidal Hasan's upcoming court-martial, Killeen police have begun canvassing restaurants, telling staff to keep their eyes open for possible suicide bombers.

The ongoing effort has sent several officers to area restaurants to hand out fliers providing tips to spot terrorists.

The flier encourages restaurant staff to establish security procedures and a "threat alert system," it states.

"We're just going around and covering all bases," said Killeen police spokeswoman Carroll Smith. "We're not trying to scare anybody. Things like this happen, and people need to be prepared for anything to happen."

Its instructions include telling staff to know all delivery vehicles and staff who routinely come to the restaurant, installing security cameras and to make note of any suspicious people, statements or actions.

That police would target restaurants ahead of any other businesses may reflect the terrorist attack they foiled in July 2011.

AWOL Fort Campbell, Ky., Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo intended to detonate a bomb at a Killeen restaurant.

Abdo, 22, was within hours of completing a homemade bomb he planned to set off at a Chinese restaurant frequented by Fort Hood soldiers and then shoot any survivors.

He will be sentenced today in a Waco federal court after being convicted on May 24 of several weapons charges and attempted murder of federal employees. He could face life in prison.

The flier, titled "Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities Related to Restaurants," tells staff to consider people who are alone and nervous and loose or bulky clothing as possible indicators of a suicide bomber.

"We're just trying to sharpen their senses," Smith said.

It also tells them to look for exposed wires on people's sleeves, a rigid midsection that could be an explosive device or a gun and tightened hands that could be holding a detonation device.

A terrorist also could employ props in a bombing such as a baby stroller, shopping cart, a suspicious bag, backpack, golf bag and a bulky vest or belt.

Police also will pass the information along to any business that sees a high volume of people.

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