By Hailey Persinger

Killeen Daily Herald

Plans for a new hike and bike trail have been put on hold until community services committee members are clear on exactly what the city's money is buying.

Members of the committee were set to consider a $1.3 million engineering contract Tuesday for the Lion's Park Hike and Bike Trail, a mile-long trail slated to run through Lion's Club Park in Killeen.

The absence of a representative from Walker, Wiederhold and Associates during the committee meeting, however, led committee members Juan Rivera, Kenny Wells and JoAnn Purser to table the item until the next meeting.

According to the firm's cost estimate, creation of the trail and installation of lampposts, sidewalk ramps, drainage structures and other systems total $1,142,400. Contingencies, engineering, inspection and surveying add up to $165,600.

Wells said the city applied for a grant to offset the cost of the project a few years ago, but the money was not awarded to Killeen. Now, before the city pours its own money into the trail, Wells said the committee wants to be sure it's getting the best value.

"The engineering firm's a good firm that the staff has selected," Wells said. "We just wanted to have a better feel for what we're going to get for our money."

Once the trail is created, it will be one of two funded by the city. Council members are planning to lengthen the existing Andy K. Wells Hike and Bike Trail from its current endpoint at the Killeen Community Center into downtown. Rivera said he'd eventually like to see a third trail created in Killeen as well.

"Any time you put a trail like this one, that enhances the quality of life where people will be able to walk," Rivera said. "Our goal is not only to open that one. My goal is go around the west side and open another hike and bike trail."

Committee members are planning a walk-through of the proposed trail site next week and a Feb. 23 meeting to consider a recommendation to the full council regarding costs for the project.

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