BELTON — The city approved a plan this week for a proposed road that will run through a neighborhood along Boxer Road.

Spokesman Paul Romer said the city has not yet communicated with any of the property owners whose homes are in the path of the proposed road, which will connect Morgan’s Point with Salado.

He said the proposed road was going to have an impact on any route selected, and the city decided to choose the “best route with the least impact.”

The proposed road, running north and south through Belton, will begin at Farm-to-Market 1670 and end at FM 2271, running roughly parallel to Interstate 35.

Along the way, it will cut through an established neighborhood along Boxer Road, run along the Chisholm Trail West subdivision, which is under construction, then through mostly undeveloped land.

Plans for the road, dubbed the lake-to-lake road project, have been in the works for about two decades. Because of the city’s burgeoning population, traffic along the city’s two other north-south routes, Main Street and Loop 121, is becoming increasingly congested, and another north-south route is needed, Belton planning director Erin Newcomer said.

The city has worked with the Texas Department of Transportation to come up with the route for the proposed road but has run into sticking points along the way.

A major concern for city officials was TxDOT’s proposal to run a portion of the proposed road along Boxer Road, an established neighborhood for residents who are not in a high-income bracket.

This suggested road alignment created environmental justice concerns because the placement would disturb the neighborhood, according to Mike Huber, public works director.

Another issue was that TxDOT also considered running the road through the proposed Chisholm Trail subdivision.

The city decided to remove the Chisholm Trail and Boxer Road neighborhoods from TxDOT’s consideration, which will nullify the environmental justice concerns.

The city’s decision also will turn the proposed road into two projects: one funded by the state for the road that stretches about three miles from FM 93 to FM 439; the other funded by the city and county only, for the road that includes the three-quarter mile area containing the Chisholm Trail and Boxer Road neighborhoods and stretching from FM 93 to FM 190.

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